How The Shift Will Occur

by Owen Waters
June 2011



The 'Mass Dreams of the Future' project gives us glimpses into life in the future for the people who live on Earth today. It categorizes the different living environments of people in the 2100-2500 AD era.

Between now and 2100 AD, there will come a mass ascension day when the Earth will rise in vibration and take with her all who are ready to function in heart-centered consciousness. Those who do not wish to ascend will choose to stay in the third-density ('3D') world in which we currently live.

The Mother Earth will achieve this by creating a two-worlds reality in order that those left behind may survive. This is necessary because people who are deep into separative or divisive 3D consciousness will not be able to function in a fourth-density ('4D') world. If a 3D person, deep into emotional conflicts such as anger and violence, were to be forcibly dragged into 4D, their resistance to the higher energies would overload their physical brain and they would soon lose their mental balance.

In order to bring a two-worlds reality into existence, the Earth will create a copy of the 3D physical world as a parallel reality. Reality is a contruct of pure consciousness that includes the illusions of physical solidity, time and space. Parallel realities can be created by consciousness, such as your soul consciousness, that exists outside of the timespace illusion.

That means that your soul can, and does, create individual parallel realities just out of curiosity. When the time comes for mass ascension, the Mother Earth will create a global parallel reality for that purpose. She will then raise the new reality into fourth-density physical existence.

Frequency filters will exist that automatically determine in which reality - 3D or 4D - each person belongs based upon their ability to handle heart-centered consciousness. It will be, as Jesus foresaw in God's plan for the upcoming harvest of souls, as though "one shall be taken and the other left behind."

Membership in a particular religion is not a prerequisite to making The Shift into 4D. Being a student of spiritual philosophy is not a prerequisite to making The Shift into 4D. A warm and generous heart is all it takes.

It should be noted that animals are generally free from the conflicts of 3D-style separative consciousness and will be able to make the shift into 4D quite naturally. After all, the prediction, "and the lion shall lay down with the lamb," requires that the lion and the lamb first shift from this 3D world into the new, peace-filled, 4D Earth.

When the big ascension event of The Shift happens, people will find themselves in a mental environment which is more refined and delicate than the one to which we have been accustomed in 3D. Upon adapting to the heartfelt, 4D consciousness, they will begin to build a new world based upon principles of cooperation and compassion.

In the meantime, while we are building towards this great Shift in consciousness, the opportunity exists to serve God's plan for the enlightenment of humanity on Planet Earth. This is the opportunity that spiritual souls have waited lifetimes to experience. This is the opportunity to make a huge difference in the spiritual welfare of millions of people upon this planet at this critical time.

Walk bravely into the world and do God's work by helping others awaken to the love in their hearts. The time for the harvest of souls is now!

Next week: We'll go into deeper detail about the variety of living environments from which you'll be able to choose in future lives from the year 2100 AD and beyond.

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