Newsletter #114

Ruth And The Masters Of Light
March, 2012


MASTERS:  "Dear readers, this is a time of tremendous upsets all over the world, as you are well aware. Leaders killing their own populations, religious furor going out of control, millions of dollars being spent trying to buy power in the U.S., and similar confused actions in many other countries. Your Sun is also going through some ambient contortions, sending strong flares that are producing weather phenomena around the earth. 

The uneasiness many of you feel on a daily basis is not unfounded. We want you to know that the world is not coming to an end, but going through a situation that is normal in the universe every few thousand years. The frequencies that confound the weather programmers and predictors of every kind constantly change as the magnetic influences around the world affect the weather and the emotional states  of humankind. Those who have the responsibility of leadership feel tremendous confusion in many ways, as the mindset of people all over the world goes in many directions, some of them detrimental to themselves and those they either lead or follow. Most of you who read this newsletter lead rather sheltered lives, but realize that eventually all this will filter down to everyone in one way or another. Rising gas prices in the U.S. are the result of  fears about the availability of oil amid the insecure situations in oil producing countries and stock markets around the world. World markets are striving to keep some kind of stability in order to survive.  Weather conditions in the next few months will impact growers around the world and some foodstuffs will become higher priced or simply unavailable.  What can you, personally, do about it?  Realistically, nothing much. If you can work in political venues to find knowledgeable and intelligent people to place into government, you will be helping in many ways, being careful to define what is being said against the many lies that are being broadcast.


The word for this month and the months and years to come is AWARENESS. It is easier to climb into your safe little bubble and  ignore the world around you. The trouble is, bubbles do burst eventually!   The fear and trepidation that so many of you feel right now is perfectly natural, but not entirely necessary. Most of you understand you are placed into this lifetime for many different reasons, and for the multitude of humanity at this time the reason is to experience the transformations in physical matter and frequencies of time and space that are now occurring.   Now is the time to realize that the tremendous energies and forces that surround you now are available to every human being now alive. The emergence  of knowledge that has expanded tremendously over the last decades is the gift of the Creator for you to work with and understand. You need to recognize the inner knowledge you are blessed with and the power you now have to do things never before thought of or realized.  Energy is energy - it has no "good" or  "bad".  It is there now for you to use, and is up to humanity to use it to bring your planet to a place of understanding and realization of what that energy can mean, mentally and physically, to produce a peaceful world. Thousands of people in the Middle East have experienced that inner knowledge and are using that energy to rise up against powerful rulers who have taken all and given nothing. The world has been amazed at their courage and determination and wonder how they can do it.  They are not so confined by television and entertainment of all kinds that dull the mind so that their basic instincts are open to the tremendous power that is infusing the Earth, using it to make their countries a better place to live. That power, that energy, that is causing all the ruckus in climates and weather patterns is there for you to use, too!  If you feel frightened or put down by all the negative thoughts and actions around you and in the world, realize they are all powered by the same energy. It is a matter of how it is used. Every one of you can access that power to use in your own lives to do what is necessary and needed, if you just realize you can do it!


You hear a lot about the power of prayer now, and rightly so. At no time in the history of humankind has there been such a powerful relationship to the higher intelligence of the universe as is now. Millions of people are experiencing answers to their prayers as miracles happening, and if that is what you want to call them, fine.  Simply though, the inherent ability of your mind and your Higher Self to create desired circumstances is enhanced now by these exciting frequencies of change.  Instead of picturing terrible circumstances from the weather, storms, negative influences of all kinds, concentrate your thoughts on attainable outcomes that will bring things back to what you perceive of as normal. Group prayer is a powerful thing.  Concentrating your thoughts to a determined outcome will produce the "miracles" you seek. Even as you commnicate to your concept of God personally and alone in your room, that power is there and when the concentration is strong, what you ask for and wish for will come about., now as never before.


Understand all of this, and even as the TV blasts out anger and negativity, concentrate your thoughts to a better state of affairs for the minds and hearts of those who make the rules you live by. They are filled with fear of losing their place in the world  and are needful of positive thoughts and clear sight.  Turn your anger at them into positive energetic thoughts, and you will see the changes you can make, each of you.


We will not make a list of predictions concerning the weather and storm conditions for the coming month of March, as you are seeing the storms march across your weather screens every day. Predictions at this point are pointless, as the frequencies coming in from space as the Sun carries on its dance of flowery flares change the storm patterns constantly. Keep aware of your local weather reports and prepare for storms as they occur without preamble.  Keep your pantries full of staples and flashlights and batteries, and full tanks of gas, etc., etc., you know the routine!  In other words, be prepared for whatever comes your way. And it probably will. Use your inner strength and knowledge and you will be fine. All this will pass, and you will still be here and be the better for it, for you are the Children of God."




Here is an interesting lesson to think about!




"As a child, the realms of imagination were often more real than school teachers' lessons, were they not?  Visions of strange places and fascinating people filled your minds to a point that could not compare with reality.  Wonders of other times and places were running through your heads, memories of other times, other places, which humanity has always likened to imagination


Recall of prior lives is beginning to be accepted more ardently by those who understand the workings of the subconscious mind.  Memories are being brought up of long-ago events that have some relationship with the present lifetime, helping to resolve problems or situations with solutions that were unsuccessful before, or reliving tensions caused by memories buried in the subconscious that can now be understood in the present.

Watch yourselves as you move through life's situations.  Are there not times when an event occurs that seems almost too familiar? Déjà vu is a process by which the subconscious reminds one that there is something in the present lifetime which is paralleling a prior time, and oftentimes it is a reminder to the embodied Soul of the Life Path he or she intended to take before incarnating.  This is not imagination.


The word "imagination" seem to have fallen into disrepute over the last years, as if it is a waste of time to sit back and think of things other than what are necessary for the tasks to be done.  It is difficult indeed to make a living today, but blocking out the more productive parts of the mind is not conducive to originality or creative thinking.  Let us try to define the word as we understand its meaning for your species:




It is a gift from the Creator to enable each human mind to see further - find hidden pathways - pierce the veils that surround the present consciousness to find higher dimensions, other realities of creation, and to follow shining paths of joy.  The human mind was not engineered to be a rigid machine, capable only of following prescribed directions by self-righteous mentors.  It is a tool for the creative  accomplishment of a lifetime, a means by which humankind is able to learn and teach anything and everything that they want or need to know.  Imagination contains the spark which lights the inner knowledge each Soul Being always carries within, and ignites the desire to create and progress in wisdom and love.


How best to plan out the day's steps; how best to try out emotional responses to unexpected events that may arrive?  Imagination is a powerful mirror in which to practice in front of so that the reality will be much surer.  Many people never play out these scenarios for themselves and wander around not realizing what they look like to others; never know how to respond to life at all.  Rehearsing life's little moves make the realities better played.  You need that security of understanding your own reactions and emotional responses.  Those who are very shy are wise if they practice expected conversations in their imaginations first, for then the thoughts and words will come easier and cause less embarrassment when the conversations actually take place.  What a blessed gift this is!


Fairy tales, monsters, untold horrors are a vivid part of the imagination, for who does not enjoy a good scare once in awhile?  It stirs up the emotions and the enzymes in the body.  They need to be stimulated occasionally to keep in good working order for real life emergencies.  This is not meant to be a recommendation for a steady diet of the miserably gory movies and electronic games that are so popular today, for a continual diet of such things distorts the vision of what life should be and the Love that is the real power. 

The old myths come from vague memories of the beginnings of the human species, of unusual forms and other-world beings who lived among you and helped to educate and guide your faltering ways.  They are race memories that are perceived sometimes as symbols of ancient realities.  Respect them, but don't dwell upon them, for it is time to look ahead and prepare yourselves for the wonderful challenges to come in the new world that is now emerging from the ignorance of the past.  Find the solutions from the past that will help fulfill the future.


Wonderful experiences explode from imaginary adventures flowing through the mind.  Sometimes it takes only the start of an idea or everyday event to start the mental movie.  You are yourselves as heroes or heroines.  Or, perhaps the downtrodden slave who escapes his or her maddening duties and achieves fame and fortune?  Nothing is wrong with this.  The human spirit is naturally full of hopes and dreams; it has to be in order to succeed at the purpose it has given itself in a lifetime.  These kind of daydreams give one an inner boost and determination that one can do anything, if he or she really tries.  Problems and solutions in these misty tales are the practice one needs to forge ahead in the everyday world, a long as one remembers to come back to the reality of everyday life.


However, one can feel so overwhelmed by their lifetime that a simple escape is sought that will blank our unhappiness or disillusionment that cannot be dealt with.  Imagination can be twisted into an escape device which can trap the unwary into a prison of one's own making, leaving the outside world to those who end up caring for the un-responding patient within an institution.  As in all things, balance is always the answer.


Where would the world be without the stimulation of imagination that sparks new ideas and dreams?  Using this wonderful ability to its fullest advantage takes some planning and determination.  Taking time to sit down and plan out what type of resolution a problem needs is the first step.  Then, just like in a corporation thank tank, let the mind go  - let it soar in any imaginative path it might wish to take.  This is not the place or time for logic, but for a complete release of any preconceived rule or mathematical formula.  Common sense and concise methodology must be pushed aside to find today's and tomorrow's miracles of creation. The inner, spiritual abilities that each of you possess must be unleashed and honored now to recognize the knowledge you already have in the realm of eternal creative experiences.  New technologies will come out of these fantastic day dreams and visions.


Parents, let your children have time for their young minds to wander where they may.  When they are just toddlers, the veil between dimensions is very thin indeed and part of their imaginative ramblings are memories from their spiritual selves and communication from their Angels and Teachers.  How the child may interpret these visions, voices, or even music, my be rather vague to them and to you, but they are important to the development of the young mind.  When imaginings are put down and or prohibited entirely, the child loses its chance to form a flowing, lifelong bond between the conscious mind and the inner being. Today, children being born have even thinner veils and will often seem to be in another world part of the time. Let them.  They are learning to live in two worlds at once and need this time to make that connection; intrude only to share what they are receiving.  Sharing their insights will form a strong bond between you and that advanced inner child that can never be broken, giving you a glimpse into the infinite that perhaps would not happen otherwise..  It is important that the child have the assurance that what is happening in his or her mind is natural, necessary and fully approved by the parents.  Consider your new little human being as a wonderful gift and as a bridge to the spiritual realm. You must also be the anchor that will help the child progress and perceive worldly realities.  In order for this special child to live a successful life and achieve its preconceived purpose, there must be a very fine balance in the thinking process.  You, as parents, have that responsibility to see that this is focused properly every day. 


You might set aside a little time before you go to sleep at night to let your mind relax and soar into some imaginative possibilities, instead of using that time worrying about past events or incoming problems.  The new day may well bring unexpected solutions."


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