Newsletter #115

Ruth And The Masters Of Light
April 2012


Good morning! April is here again, and, hopefully, will bring some rain to the western part of our great country. Here in Arizona, it has been very dry and the fire season approacheth. We did have 10 inches of very welcome snow that has melted now, and are most grateful for it. My Daffodils started to bloom, very, very early so husband and I are outside cleaning the winter debris out of the flower beds.

Dear Masters, please give us an overview of the state of the planet and the probabilities of dangerous storms, etc. A lot of concern about Yellowstone, the Madrid Fault, and the Cascadian Fault on the web. This given today (3/29/12)

MASTERS: "This is a time of concern for all those who dwell near the well-known dangerous places in your country and around the world as the planet stretches and shifts. The forces that push and pull vary from day to day, paring predictions down to probabilities. At this moment in time, Yellowstone is fairly quiet, but deep underneath the magma is heating up and may cause new geysers to appear very soon. This is a dangerous place for a vacation. Quakes in the mid section of the U.S. have been occurring in unexpected areas due to the vibrations of the shift in the Madrid fault. Rock formations carry the movement for hundreds of miles and the shifting itself creates new pathways to carry these movements. These slight quakes are nothing to worry about. The Madrid Fault itself is like a pot on a burner, heating up. The western coastlines of the North American continent appear to us like a gigantic bulls eye, waiting for a shot from a very inexpert marksman. From California through Canada and up into the wilds of Alaska, the Pacific plates could move against these coasts at almost any time. At this point in time we do not see very violent movements, but there is bound to be constant quakes for months to come. Storm systems create themselves from the frequencies in the atmosphere, combined with the energy flowing out and around the Earth. This is why these systems race across one continent after the other in seemingly indifferent modalities. The tornadoes of the past months in the U.S. are angry protests against the atmospheric turmoil that is going on, and continues for some time yet. Tornadoes are also occurring in other parts of the world not so fervently covered by the news media. As this Spring season continues and the flowers bloom under the welcome warmth, the change in seasons also causes clashes in temperatures that will bring more sudden dangerous storms. Please realize this and be prepared as much as possible. This holds true all over the world and in the great seas. Undersea shifts look to continue for some time, causing high waves and even tsunamis when they come into contact with land.

Yes, April is rather a dangerous month. This also applies to the energetic forces that control the human mind. It is obvious that mental control and intelligent conclusions are being affected around the world, not just in your political system.. Those who govern have a very difficult road to pave, as continuity of clear thinking is sorely lacking. Humanity comes together to protest the rulers and laws that prevent them from enjoying the gifts given by the Creator, and havoc ensues. We see this continuing for some time, as logic gives way to self-preservation. Please take a few moments to think, to feel what is right, before you act. Fear is the great destroyer; let your inner strength and courage be your guidelines, not the voices on television. Try to accept that the spiritual forces that rule the universe are all around you, listening and trying to help when the inner door is opened. You are not alone in all this; you are all here to experience the tremendous changes in your world and to gather them into a better world, one at a time."


Readers, the following lesson is one of the most important I have ever received. Please keep a copy of it somewhere to refer to in the days ahead when nothing seems to work.


"There is a short journey each of you will take on completion of your mission in this dimension. It is a journey that is a mere step back into the reality of spirit from where you came. Humanity calls this dying, or death, and so many of you still do not fully comprehend what it really means personally - what will happen, or not happen. Is it actually death of everything - a void of nothingness?

Too many people choose suicide as a way of escaping from their troubles, hoping to finally end everything in a black nothingness where there is no more pain or thought. They find that the problems they set in motion on Earth still have to be resolved and that there is much to learn and experience in spirit. No such thing as "nothingness"! Each of you hold in your inner awareness the purpose, or mission, for which you came into this dimension. Every step you take, every decision, has a bearing upon the goals you have set for yourselves. Sometimes goals cannot be met, but the intent lingers on, even upon return to spirit. If the goal was very important, another effort will be made in matter to achieve it. There should never be a sense of failure at the end of the earthly life if one never achieved "success", or gained popularity or wealth. Everything you do or experience is added to your knowledge and is important. Most people have no idea why they came into this life and simply stumble around, they think. That stumbling is part of the lessons they came to learn. When the time comes to depart this dimension, give thanks you were given the chance to have these experiences.

As hard as this may be to accept, many of you came into this lifetime in order to experience pain in its highest form, for there is no such sense in the spirit world; it is part of all knowledge that is needed to be added to your wisdom. Cancer and other such diseases are facilitating such experiences. If the suffering is cut short before the experience is completed, another lifetime will have to be undertaken in order for the lesson to be learned. That is why universal law prohibits taking the life of another, no matter how society's ideas develop on the subject. God does not take physical life away; the spiritual soul determines when the body is to be abandoned. Unexpected accidents, violent weather, wars, murders, etc., although seeming to interrupt a lifespan without reason, have also been configured into the experiences of the individual. That individual has the freedom to accept what is about to happen, or use mental or physical abilities to safeguard against them. Free Will is a powerful force in the universe; a gift from the Creator that gives complete freedom to express, to learn, and to come and go from materiality.

If you are now realizing that the time to leave your body is near and are suffering because of a fatal disease, please listen. There is nothing wrong with drugs that help to subdue pain and/or discomfort, but fighting against these physical sensations will only make them mentally and physically harder to bear and prolong the experience. Acceptance is the key to endurance and the doorway to the peace and love that is waiting for you. Let the pain and discomfort roam through your entire body, without hindrance. Instead of concentrating on the perception of pain, follow its course and take note of the different intensities and feelings. This is an important experience, as you will realize as your thought processes accept it as such. When the lesson has been received, the pain will no longer reach the mind and a comforting cloud of peace will surround you. Stepping back into the ethereal realm will seem the most natural thing in the world.

What then? There are stories of Angels and loved ones in spirit being there to welcome the newcomers. For the most part, they are true. Your passage back into spirit can be your own creation and as beautiful, easy, or confusing, as you project it to be. People whose religions tell them they will find themselves in a golden city, walking golden streets, do find that kind of reality, immediately. Some are told they will lie asleep in a grave, covered with dirt, until Jesus comes for them. Unfortunately, this can also be a rather grim reality, until they finally cry out for help and their Angels come to the rescue. Belief systems about death are very powerful, and can be beautiful or terrible. If someone thinks they have led a wicked life and will go to Hell when they die, they spend a lifetime fearing death. They will project themselves into just such a situation until they, too, realize there is so much more to gain by reaching out for the Hand of God.

The "tunnel" experience that is being related by those who have come back from physical death more and more today is a way of preparing the soul being welcomed back to realize that something has happened and that a new page is about to be turned. Usually, it is seen when the death of the body is unexpected and the consciousness is not prepared for the trip. By the time the Light at the end of the tunnel is reached, the spiritual being realizes what is happening and is excited to see what lies beyond.

If you really want to see loved ones that have preceded you, you will, unless their souls have traveled into much higher dimensions. This is not a void or space where there is a sense of aloneness; the spiritual realm is life itself! The sensation of intense Love and Peace will be unexpected for many people, and the existence of loving beings surrounding the living consciousness of the soul makes one realize that the lifetime on Earth was something that was necessary, but usually rather unpleasant. The realization of coming home to the Father and being welcomed into the family of the universe is the most beautiful experience you will ever have.

The Catholic Church's teaching of purgatory is very valid, as many who have traveled down the tunnel and returned can tell you. They observe at the beginning of the tunnel multitudes of people crying out and in obvious pain or discomfort. which soon disappears as the Light comes nearer. This is as close to the concept of "Hell" as it gets. This is the dimensional space to which those convinced of their "sins" are placed until they realize no one is there whipping or causing them pain except themselves; then they quiet and are released into the tunnel for the rest of their journey. Religious concepts that become an integral part of one's belief system follow into the afterlife and it is up to the individual as to how long that belief is held. Dear ones, please remember that the only judgment is your own. You are treated to a recap of your lifetime on this planet, like a recording running before your eyes. Only it is much more real as you re-experience over again your thoughts and actions. By this time you are becoming aware again of the purpose you had chosen and can see how close you came to fulfilling it. The self-judgment at this point is not a hand-wringing or wailing in contrition, but a realistic perspective of what has occurred. In the fullness of time and when your soul is ready, a new lifetime in matter may be planned to complete or augment the purpose. If crimes committed lie heavily on the spiritual consciousness, the new lifetime may well be geared to experience the hurt that you may have caused someone else. If the soul has already experienced such traumas, it would not be necessary.

The old concept of karma is coming to its completion for the brotherhood of humanity. It was put into place to teach that there are two sides to every coin; negative actions will cause the negativity to affect the person whose actions have hurt someone else. Jesus expressed it well: "What is sown will be reaped!". Eastern religions understood it as the wheel of life; what goes around comes around again; every action has a reaction, etc., etc. Sometimes karmic reactions wait to occur in another lifetime. This is why events sometimes occur that cannot be adequately explained in the present lifetime. As human cell structures are rapidly becoming lighter with the present higher frequencies being received from space, the consequences of present-day actions become clearer and the inner need to make things right creates a new clarity of mind. There will no longer be a need to have the misdeeds written in the Book of Life, for they will be loud and clear in the present.

What of the uproar about abortions by many well-meaning religious groups and political want-to-bees? If a new soul was being created within the womb, along with a new body, as they believe, yes, it would be a kind of murder. However, many pregnancies are resulting in malformed fetuses because of chemicals being ingested with your food. The crimes against women today cause terrible trauma to a woman who becomes pregnant because of being raped. Women who have been drug users know the tragedy of a baby born with a drug habit. The reasons for abortion today are growing, and they are good reasons. The spiritual beings who choose their mothers when the opportunity presents itself as the result of sexual union are well aware of what is going on and, when an abortion is planned, simply do not enter the fetus at all. If there is an accident or medical reason why the fetus has to be terminated and the soul has already entered, it simply disconnects and goes back into the spiritual realm. YOU CANNOT MURDER A SOUL! All that is being discontinued is a complicated piece of flesh. It is hard not to think that a baby is being killed, but the child has no life force until the soul has entered it near the end of the pregnancy. The baby cannot live on its own after birth without the soul. Free Will is most important here, for a pregnant woman knows instinctively whether or not the child must come into the world and live that incarnated lifetime. Sex has become a game that starts a cellular reproduction, whether or not there is the intent of bringing a life into the world and caring for it. The importance of receiving parental guidance and love for the new human being must be realistically considered. The responsible choice must be the mother's.

The conscious mind is seldom given the knowledge of when or how the physical body will meet its death. It is natural that human beings strive to protect their lives in any way they can, no matter what. As inner wisdom and spiritual insight grows in humanity, that secret will sometimes come to light and the individual will use that information to plan the lifetime in a manner to use every minute to its fullest. There is no need to fear the transition from physical consciousness to the spiritual, for each spiritual being is eternal; the Creator gives life and never takes it away.

Every person, no matter what their age or physical condition, should give some thought as to the manner of the transition, no matter when it may happen. Set into your belief system what you would wish to encounter and how you would like to return to spirit. Perhaps you would like to dissolve into a beautiful warm cloud that sets you down in a beautiful valley or a warm beach. Or, walk forward to met Jesus, Allah, Angels, other religious figures, or loved ones. Your Free Will gives you that opportunity to experience the transition in any way that gives you the most pleasure or excitement. Live life to the fullest, then pass back into spirit with joy."


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