12:12:12 Message

Flint Flintoft
December 2012

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Dear Friends,

The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest alignment of subtle energies that we have experienced so far on our planet. These energies have been increasing incrementally since 1999 as a grid of higher consciousness is being constructed around Earth.

With each triple-date alignment (9:9:9, 10:10:10, 11:11:11), higher frequencies have activated more nodal points around the globe. After a twelve year process of acceleration of consciousness, on 12:12:12 the grid will come to a very important stage of completion. This will allow harmonic resonance through multi-dimensions, connecting the planet and all life to higher consciousness.

This field of consciousness is known as Crystalline Consciousness or Christ Consciousness and 12:12:12 is a final piece of the puzzle that will drop into place on that day. This day will be like an energetic start button, to boot up the grid almost as you would your computer. This will begin further opening of Ascension gateways and preparation for the 12:12:21 energies on the Solstice arriving from our Galactic Center. On December 21st, many of the cosmic cycles of the previous 26,000 years will come to an end at the same moment and a new set of cycles will begin.

We have held many events at various points around Japan over the years to ground the grid energies, and many of you have helped us. Thanks to Lightworkers efforts around the world, the shift in consciousness has been very noticeable indeed. It's been a long and difficult climb, the results are becoming more evident each day as more truth and less fear is being expressed in every facet of life around us, and within ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support our work in Japan and please join us on 12:12:12 in Asuka the Ancient Capital for a very memorable and uplifting "Summit Celebration" as we are within sight of the top of the climb on this important day. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the New Light very soon!

Happy Trails in Higher Light!




"The 12-12-12 allows for the Crystalline energy to manifest into the New Earth. It allows for the new DNA of the planet to network within the Crystalline Field, connect to the New Grid and meld with the 'Human Grid'. This all occurs at 12:12 on the 12-12-12. A rebooting then takes place, and allows for the 'birth of the New Earth' to take place on December 21, 2012."

- Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn

"Through the 12:12:12 there will be a sense of being reborn into unity with all aspects of you. Greet yourself with a new level of respect and honor your commitment to this life. Your willingness to proceed on the Path of Light throughout time has brought you to a completion of one aspect of your soul's journey. Your task now is to take this new fullness deeply into your being to empower you. Let the Christ Light permeate every cell and create a new healing force that will pervade your consciousness. When you integrate this alignment within you, the Divine Love in your energy fields will activate your DNA and become so pervasive that your world will literally begin to change around you."

- Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel

"On the 12/21 your four body system will undergo a reset of sorts that will take you into the full radiance of your divine human self. This is the return to zero point where you will be reborn into a new life and every cell of your being will ignite with LOVE."

- Pleiadian High Council via Lauren Gorgo

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