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More Awakening Symptoms

Note: Many of these symptoms can be relieved through bodywork, energy work and specific massage if they become overwhelming. Try self-massage first and contact a practitioner for further help. Consult a physician if symptoms persist.


Sharp chronic pain in head, neck, or shoulders

Cranial expansion, lumps, bumps and pressure in your skull

Pressure between the eyebrows

Severe headache at base of the skull

Flu-like symptoms

Nausea and vomiting


Muscle aches and joint aches

Fevers and sweats


Memory loss

Vibrating while meditating or on awakening

Pain in the exact center of sternum

Pain in the lower back and hips

Arms and hands tingling or falling asleep

Changes in food habits

Sensory and perceptual changes

Excessive sensory input

Ungrounded or spacey

Low-level heavy anxiety, dizziness, and clumsiness

Dizziness, and clumsiness

Objects appear to move, melt, or shimmer

Hazy vision

Audio dyslexia

Hearing beeps, tones, music or electronic "Morse code"

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