Running Out of Time

Lauren Gorgo - June 12, 2010


Just a mini-update to check in with anybody who may be feeling like June is no better, or possibly much worse than, May....

As mentioned in the last energy update, June is a major gateway amalgamation of both new and old it can feel pretty tumultuous with regard to extremes.  I am hearing that the entire month will be like this...especially with the eclipse period approaching...sort of toggling between feeling all "new-earthy" and completely awful.

Of course, nothing I or anyone can say will take away the discomfort of the healing we all have to go through to get to the other side, but if we can expect that there will still be some "rough" days as we inch into more of the "smooth" ones,  at the very least this perspective shift can ease your mind which is always searching for answers when we feel thrown off balance.

Physical Happenings

On a physical level, things are simultaneously getting better and worse...meaning, as our new lives get closer and closer in the physical (and as the energies intensify into a cosmic crescendo), the more physical toxins we must realease to accept and allow these new creations into our lives and bodies.  Which can amount to feeling connected and "there" one minute and down-and-out the next. Like an inflatable punching bag, we get nailed with a blast of cleansing energy and then we suddenly bounce back up and prepare to be clobbered again.

The physical (grounding) chakra cleansings have been feeling pretty dramatic and intense because we are more grounded in our bodies than ever before which means we are feeling things more than ever before.  We are also right now clearing those issues/dis-eases/e-motions that have been with us and stuck in our cellular memories the longest.  It's helpful to remember that in healing, that which has been with us the longest is the last to heal, so if you are feeling deflated, depleted of hope, or just plain fed-up with it all, know that you are right on track as we are all being pushed through this deep cosmic rinse cycle.

Looking Up

On the positive side,  we are aligning with our true purpose as never before and literally running out of the "old time framework" that we used to live/create by.  This means that suddenly, everything we do has to be fully conscious because the result, the backlash, will be immediate.  Each and every time we step outside of our integrity now, we will feel it pretty quickly, so its important to continue to align with and make decisions that honor the highest good and avoid all decisions made from a place of lack and/or fear.

So far this month there is also more energy (especially mental energy) available to us for productivity with regard to our new paradigm creations (well, that is on those days we are not flat on our backs with detox symptoms)....but we are also running out of time/energy for the completion of old stuff.

The gauge for this is to notice how little energy and ability you have left to deal with the dense/heavy old-world creations that we are still working to dismantle and reassemble or release themselves completely.  (This can be with regard to old relationships, residences, jobs, businesses, legal/ financial matters, etc.)

Because we are so finely tuned to universal energy now, for the most part we can only accomplish that which is supported by the universal cycles...which means, you may find that the tedious paperwork sitting on your desk for months, and in need of resolution, just won't go away.  And unfortunately it won't, unless you take care of it.  Luckily, we still have 5 or 10 minutes left of supportive energy for past creations available to us to wrap things up.

This wrapping up energy/support will continue to dwindle as we work our way into July, so try to jump on those rare moments when you feel "able" to call your lawyer or accountant.  You will be so happy you did because come July, you will want to spend all of your time/energy playing in the new fields of potential.

Action Call

I am hearing that this new moon to the solstice period is the "action" call for the pioneers and wayshowers to launch the implementation phase of our new level creations.  With it comes a new pace, new information and new creative energies which will attract many new opportunities and situations that we have been waiting on for a long time.

The confusing part is still in the healing.  You may be thinking..."how in God's holy name could I possibly keep up with all the new level inspirations and opportunities coming my way while feeling like THIS?"

And the answer can't...from this point in time/space.  Luckily we are being catapulted to a new, higher point outside of time and space where healing is not linear, but quantum.  Think of those days we have crawling around in agony when suddenly a thunderstorm comes, resets the grid, and we shift back to neutral without the faintest memory of how sick we were 20 minutes prior.  This is how fast we respond to zero-point, or scalar wave frequencies.

Whereas we are obviously being propelled into motion with this all-star celestial line-up, we still have those days when we feel like the universe is mopping the floor with our it makes sense that we are not yet completely convinced that all of our life's circumstances...including our health... will come together and tie-up in a neat little bow.  Some days...with intense symptoms...this path seems very FAR from over, so the challenge will be in containing those days of excitement and fiery passion that are building inside of us with a pace that our bodies can handle while we finish up this unbelievably long and complex purification period.

Stepping into the Flow

The new tide is beginning to flood into the lives of those in position with the new time-line and is manifesting as sudden bursts of clarity and creative insight, excitement for a new level phase of sharing our gifts with the world, and new opportunities very aligned with our future intentions... followed by brief periods of integration and decision making.

Remember, energy just IS, it doesn't respond to negative or positive so this fast moving energy means things could soon could get overwhelming as the universe dumps so much new information for us to sort through.  Overall, things will be much easier to handle if the past is completely cleared much as possible anyway.

It's like we have one foot in the flow of all good things, but one foot stuck in the mud which can create feelings of being pulled at both ends.  This is actually a opportunity to taste the new and rev our engines, which gives us the very needed fuel to finish out the end of a really played-out and challenging era.

New Moon to Solstice

And if I am understanding things correctly, as of today's new moon, the integration periods of decision-making will also begin to shorten as we are taken through a whole new realm of choices.  Because of this, it is becoming increasingly more important to know what you want, but even more importantly, to know what you don't want so you don't waste any time trying to create with expired resources.

Overall, those things with a stable foundation based in love and that still feel good to you...whatever is left after years and years of purifying....are those things that you will be taking with you to your new life.  Everything else will be sand-blasted by these new energies (hopefully along with our fluctuating fat suits) leaving you purified, self-contained and energetically sustainable.

This sand-blasting process is intense, can hurt, and at times is REALLY confusing...and even a little when the ride gets bumpy, just keep in mind that you are only being buffed and polished for the emergence of the YOUniversal YOU and in preparation for your re-birthday!

Incidentally, do you know what your wish will be when you blow out your candles?

I know mine...and you probably know mine too.

My re-birthday wish will be to see my ankles again.

Keep on trucking...