2010 Fall Equinox Message from Aca'u

Aca'u via Camille Albrecht - September 17, 2010

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Greetings, it is I, Aca'u who speaks to you now. The winds of change rush in. Many have experienced great lethargy this summer. Your energy level returns slowly as we move through the Fall Equinox period. I suggest you continue to protect your energy levels by not over extending yourself this Fall and realize that increased stamina returns by mid November. The pressure of the Cardinal Cross this summer dampened motivation, created a certain inertia and muddled thinking. Many found it difficult to move forward and make decisions. It was a time of rest, turning inward and spending time with loved ones in a way that nurtured and healed relationships.

You may have found that while some relationships strengthened, others ended. Some simply faded away while others abruptly closed. This is as is should be. You are changing from the inside out. Your outer world will reflect the changes taken place within you. Therefore, it is natural that your relationships change. This is a time to release relationships that have outlived their time and to nurture relationships that resonate with you.

It is a time for people to accept responsibility for themselves and for their lives. People must learn to become self reliant in the Age of Aquarius. Review who you have been responsible for and who you have become too reliant upon. What changes need to be made? It is time for each person to increase their level of personal responsibility. People who have had difficulty being self reliant in the past can discover new found strengths and abilities to see them through.

You are all moving into the space you are meant to be for the full expression of your High Self in The Aquarian Age. New jobs, new homes, new friends, new interests, and above all, new mental attitudes. This is a time the inner self cries out to be heard. The soul of you, the essence of you, demands expression. No longer willing to be put on the back shelf, the Reality of you asks you to overcome your lack of belief in yourself and step out into expressing your talents, skills and gifts. It is time to speak up and let your voice be heard. For some, that means to be more assertive at home and for others, it means to finish the book! Write the play! Record the song! For some it is time to get the credentials you need for your new expression — if that means going to school, now is the time to enroll. Take the class, get the certification. For others, it means it is time to teach. For wisdom is meant to be shared.

You have been all repositioned for the next expression in your life.

Please do enjoy life. This is a time of great pressure and change, yes, but there is also great joy to behold. See it. Step outside and see how nature has exploded in its expression. You have blessed nature and it responds in kind. Your Light sent to the Gulf works. The Light always works. Know this.

Do you know the very sea life is involved in cleaning the waters? The Light you have directed has enabled the waters to cleanse at an increased level. The Light you have directed has also helped enlighten the minds and hearts of those involved in the cause and clean up. You have made a difference and continue to do so.

All spaces and energies have increased in vibration now, as they do with each Equinox and Solstice. As such, your thoughts become more powerful. You will notice that manifestation continues to occur more quickly as your power expands. The universal powers around you become more accessible. God's energy is always available, off course. Yet it becomes even more accessible in a broader manner as it is relayed through the planetary structures. For, the planets themselves have evolved and are able to bring in more complex, powerful Divine energies for you to use.

The bottom line? What the wise ones have said for eons — your thoughts create your life. Now, some of you find yourselves in very challenging situations. Yes, your thoughts created this. But realize that those thoughts may have originated in past lives or directly from your Soul on the inner plane for the purpose of your soul growth and for the growth of those around you. Whatever situation you find yourself in, your current thoughts, words and actions can directly impact how you experience the challenges. It is all towards your soul growth and the growth of those around you.

The economy begins to turn around after mid November. Confidence increases. You will see the job market improve and this fuels all other growth. Many of the poisons inherent in the systems have been purged either by public awareness of the problems or corrections made by businesses to avoid the disasters they have seen in other companies. The trials and upsets in the economy over the past two years have had positive effect on the future.

So you are the bridgers to the New Age. You who have the experience of the Piscean Age now move into the world of pure Aquarian energy. It is an honor for each of you to be on earth at this time. You are living through the greatest changes in the history of the universe. The most important role you have is to listen to the voice within, to allow your Reality Self expression and to live a life of loving-kindness.

If I could suggest to you one quality to nurture in yourself, it is loving-kindness. Because when you approach life with this, when you approach those you are at odds with in this manner, healing occurs.

Anger, accusations, blaming has no place in this point in time. Rather than point the finger and saying, "It is his fault things are the way they are" or "She got us into this mess", look to see what have you done to contribute to the discord in order to correct it. What can your thoughts, words and actions do to improve the situation?

I say this to you time and again, it is ever true: a negative sent to a negative enhances it. A positive sent to a negative lessens it. So act with loving-kindness and you will find the negatives in your life lessen.

Don't get sucked in to the negativity of others. Because this is a tumultuous time, fear is rampant. Fear immobilizes some people and in others creates irrational action. You will see both. How will you react? You can simply say, "I don't see it that way. I see that we are moving to a better place". Because you are.

Polarity rules this time. For many, this past year has been 'the best of times, the worst of times' as great joy has mixed with great sadness in life's unfoldment. There have been gains and losses in many, many areas. This is a sign of the times. Yet with this, the amount of Light accessible to you is inexhaustible. Your chakras are open more than ever before to receive and direct Light. Your ability to heal and be healed is heightened as never before.

Take time to drink it in. Each day, fill yourself with Light to see you throughout your tasks and encounters. See it as powering your vehicle, much like fuel in a car. And you want that fuel to be pure Light, not fuel of negativity.

Great innovation is at your disposal now. New, new, new! Nothing need be based upon the old way. You will see technology explode, medical advances explode, and space exploration reveals wonders in your universe beyond your imagination. Medicine is closer to cures for cancer than it has ever been. You can expect contact with your space brothers and sisters to occur on a grand scale, with public awareness. This will likely be first experienced as a distant acknowledgment of life with no direct communication as the seeds are planted in humanity's mind as a whole. It will be gradual and distant, so as not to invoke fear. But contact none the less. These are truly exciting times!

As your chakras continue to open, communication with the inner plane increases. Listen to the voice of angels, they are all around you. Angelic force is there to assist you as wise and beloved friends. Simply reach out your hand and join it with your angel's hand, which is ever outstretched to you. You will feel their love and Light fill you. You are loved so very much! You are never, ever alone. Allow yourself to accept the love around you.

The angels are at work now to bridge you closer with your High Self which in turn bridges you more closely to the Creator of All Things, the I Am That I Am. Once you allow the full merger of your ego personality with your High Self, your Reality Self, you have access to all wisdom and all planes of existence. This is the doorway to the heavens.

"High Self, Reality of me, fill me now. I am open to your directing my life."

You will find a beautiful detachment from the emotional turmoil that can cloud your thinking and interfere with right action and speech. Once you rise above the emotions of any situation, and rest within the wisdom and Divinity of your own High Self, a clarity will descends to guide you through your day. In this space can you handle anything that comes your way.

As bridgers of Light, may I suggest a daily statement to use during this Fall Equinox period:

"I choose today to live in peace. I trust that I am moving towards a good space
and that security, happiness and wholeness are mine. So be it."

With that my friends, I bid you peace,


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