10-10-10 Base Camp

Flint Flintoft - October 10, 2010

Tokyo Talk - Excerpt regarding 10-10-10

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Treading Water

... I like to use analogies concerning mountains and I look at this personally, along with my guidance, that we have been climbing up to a new plateau in the mountains. And if this is Mount Everest over here, way up in the mountains, the peak is up here, this is going to be maybe 2012-12-12. We've got 11-11-11 halfway up.

I'm looking at 10-10-10 as of today, this is a base camp, this is Mount Everest Base Camp that you have just succeeded in reaching. You've been climbing up here and you say,"Oh thank God, here we are! We're going to sleep here tonight at the base camp!"

So you've made this great effort, shifting and changing. From up here you can look back down at the valley and say, "Wow! That sure was an amazing journey!" But you're way up here now, at high frequency, high altitude. And here we're going to begin to gather energy and the tools and the consciousness that we need to make the final climb up to the summit. We're starting now.

So you've got your tents here, cooking and preparing. And what's interesting about this is that you are not alone. There are going to be other tents. People who really want to climb to the summit are going to be at the base camp, and you are going to be meeting with them more and more.

And it's kind of a dangerous journey... well, I can't really say dangerous. This is the first time you've gone up this summit and it requires cooperation from each other to do this. So as I said before, there's a part of you that is helping you. Of course your Higher Self is leading you through all of this, and it requires that you trust more and more in order to make it safely up to the top here.

So this is kind of a metaphor or an analogy. It's useful to create a picture. It may not be exact but it does create a picture for you. This 10-10-10 is like you have reached a certain platform and from here you're going to build higher. Everything that you have done up until now has brought you to this place. So take a deep breath, look around and now start your ascent, start climbing higher.

- Flint


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