Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
November 16, 2010



Message from the Masters

November 16, 2010

We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service with you in this now.

There have been many changes across the dimensions of creation since our last transmission and much of the change is a result of your coming together in a unified intention of Oneness.

As the seven star gates continue their opening progressions, areas of creation that had become enfolded have begun to reopen, become available and harmonized. Creation is a pulsing, moving beingness with a rhythm of its own that each of you carries within you. As you rise in vibration, so does all of creation in response. As the vibrations rise, the enfoldments that had closed upon themselves for many, many millennia are now opening in such a way that corridors that were utilized by the ancients to cross through the space-time continuum are becoming available again. There has not been a greater time in your existence in which more access throughout creation has been available to you.

To experience these possibilities it is first for you to become aware that they exist, for you cannot have a possibility without awareness that it might even exist. Secondly, to enter and experience these corridors with your consciousness or even your complete being, it is to do so with only the purest sense of being. What we mean by that is to become the oneness that you are, dropping all sense that you are a separate being from creation. To let down your guards and defense that are untrue in the first place, and to become what you intend. Thirdly, it is to enter without expectation or preconception of what the experience will be and to allow yourselves all freedom as a whole and perfect explorer of all reality. Journey with the inquisitiveness of a child, from your greatest states of innocence and allow yourselves to be carried along passageways that your most ancient of ancestors utilized.

Along the way await great beings of light that will be way showers for you. They will give you messages of great importance and truth, and they will assist you in the healing of attributes that you have taken on as untruths. You can communicate with beings of other dimensions, and of galactic origins. Every twist and turn within the corridors takes you to a new locale in creation, different levels of manifested reality and different levels of density. Do not be so focused upon your journey that you forget to stop and have the experiences that await you. Much like your earthly experiences, when you become logical about what you encounter, the encounter quickly recedes from truth and becomes what you imagine instead. The difference between what you imagine and the truth is that imaginings are often only self-serving and are not aspects of the greater One. Of course you have a responsibility to serve yourselves, learning to receive as much as you give! That can be a difficult resonance to embrace and embody as you have been taught otherwise. Selfishness is not the same as serving self. Selfishness does not consider the entirety but serving self does nothing but that. It may seem as a paradox and yet it is far from it.

Because so many of you have been coming together on your 10/10/10 and 11/11 harmonic dates in a sense of unity and grace, you have brought great harmonization across all dimensions. You have brought balance into the star gate alignments. The time glitches that you have been experiencing are coming to an end as the true harmonization within and amongst the corridors through creation is perfecting. There is coming over the next weeks of your time, even further harmonizing. You will find within you a great sense of ease and embodiment of the One unlike any times before. The harmonics within you are beginning to mirror that which is the change in creation. This is one of the greatest aspects and events in all of your history.

As the new harmonizations begin to settle in, you will find that your space brothers and sisters will begin to appear more and more. There will be messages delivered and received unlike any in your memorable past, and positive outcomes possible from these experiences.

Your weather patterns will stabilize for the now, being intense in some areas and milder in others. The La Nina will deliver some intensified weather over the next months for those who are in its path.

You may have noticed a minor recession of earthquake activity in the intensity of these events but know that there will be more and further intense events particularly in South America and the far western pacific especially during December of your time. That which has been your norm will become very different in many ways, but then is not change the catalyst to human expansion and awareness? Notice what is happening within you and around you. Let your inside experience balance with your external one. As this occurs, that which you intend will become of fruition much more clearly and quickly than it has in the past.

Celebrate the escalation of human evolution as you rise in consciousness and therefore vibration close to the source of your creation. Remember that all change requires balance and that when positive changes occur there will be other more dense aspects occurring in response. Do not bend to the denser events but see them as only aspects of balancing. That which is positive and that which you intend as positive events will ride farther and higher than any attempt at balance. Also know that what seems to be negative can often be the catalyst to great and amazing change that you may not have yet considered. It is often what you had not expected that brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction.

Continue to work together in body mind and spirit, as your souls know inherently all aspects of Oneness even beyond your human perceptions. As you come together in the name of the One, so do you become indelibly graced with all aspects of consciousness and possibilities. Know that what you have learned as beings of density is far from truth and what you know is only truth. You can certainly learn the difference by listening to your bodies and becoming aware of how experiences created within and around you. When they match, you know you are in truth. When they do not, you may have drifted far from it. But you always know the way back. The way home. You don't need a map or a process, only to listen well to your inner being.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

End of transmission.