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Flint Flintoft - December Update

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Several channels have noted important transition dates to watch for throughout 2009. The data is excerpted here in simplified form for reference. The full articles are available as noted in the library for your study.

December Update: New material concerning November and December portals has been added to the bottom of this article.

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Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman

February is the portal of aligning with truth. This portal was created in December this month and it will continue to expand through February 2009. Anything that does not resonate with the truth will be revealed on all levels. This is a portal of integrity, of being aligned with spiritual truth. Anyone who has not done their healing and clearing work will have opportunities to do so. You may feel this shift as a strong sense of betrayal or loss, but that is because those aspects of your material truth are being released.

June is the portal of power, where you will understand the difference between material and spiritual power. The world experience lessons in power, how power is used and what it is used to create. You may feel more powerful in this time as you recognize your gifts and have opportunities to use them. Others will experience this as a loss of power as they learn to align with their true source of inner power and any external power sources will be removed. They will have an opportunity to experience this portal through fear or through love.

October is the portal of serenity, where you will experience a peace such as you have not known before. This peace is available to everyone who can connect to it. With each of these portals you will notice greater distinctions between the vibrations and light that people carry. The world may appear to be in chaos but you will be in peace. Stay within your center, your connection to Source and your light.

December is the portal of preparation for the vibrations of 2010 and for a new clearing cycle. This may include earth changes which do not need to manifest in destructive ways. Parts of the earth have agreed to receive those who need additional healing work, there will be a noticeable separation between those who have completed their work and those who have additional work to do.

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Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn

The Equinox, March 20th, and the New Earth Paradise Grids

Dearest Lightworkers, as you feel this inner alignment into Harmony with the "One" energy within your own Heart and within your relationships, so you will also feel this alignment in your relationship to the Elemental kingdoms and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms and their Sacred Grid Keepers.

Now, we know that many of you who are Lightworkers have held the Sacred Connection in many lifetimes, and you have worked with the Keepers in Sacred partnerships. But now, as the Earth begins its realignment into Sacred Relationship and Harmony with All Kingdoms, this is a special time of Joy and Celebration. The energy held for so long by the few dedicated souls of Love and Light, is now being made available to the Planet once again. From the 20th of March, the harmonious love of all the Keepers of all the Kingdoms will flow though the Paradise grids to recreate Heaven on Earth as a great and sacred partnership of Love between all who inhabit this Earth.

It is indeed a time for Celebration and Gratitude.

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Messages From The Masters via Dr. Meg

The triangulation on January 11th - This harmonic attunement will cause release of emotion and your abilities to embrace and exist within higher harmonic frequencies. As this occurs you will also find that your intuitive powers begin to open into greater heights of ability and perceptiveness. Allow yourselves to embrace the depth of your feelings in such a way that you are those feelings and they are you. You will find that with these feelings you will begin to feel liquid in your existence, untied to your earthly construct and easily aware of greater reality and all that is available to you in your new found freedom.

The triangulation of February 15th - You will find your mental capabilities experience a lift off and your mental creative processes will soar. You will find that you are much less limited in your ability to both reason and call to your greater sense of knowing in such a way that your decisions will be based upon both expanded perceptiveness and your newfound ability to tie those perceptions to the infinite.

The triangulation on March 17th will challenge your physicalities. In the weeks preceding this triangulation, you will find that you feel heavy, dense, as if you are retaining great amounts of fluids. You are not. This is the light particles in your body expanding in such a way that your physicality has difficulty adjusting, but it will. You will find a release of the pressure within your bodies to the point that many of you will feel as it you will float away. You will not. What you will experience is that many of the difficulties that you have perhaps battled within your bodies will become released. The triangulation of March 17th can be considered to be a mass healing of you as beings of human nature.

The triangulation on April 4th will be relative to your spirits -- your infinite and eternal essences. Many of you have felt trapped in your humanness for most of your lives. It is this triangulation that will bring each of you an alignment of your multi-dimensional aspects in such a way as for the first time in your humanness you will be operating as one cohesive and functional unit of being in conjunction with all that Is. It is with this triangulation that the All Souls will harmonize together. You will find during this time that not only do you feel more at ease, in Grace and of balance within your very beings, you will begin to experience signs of unification within your world.

The triangulation on June 11th creates a portal of consciousness in which the universal collective becomes of a conscious nature among beings such as yourselves. As one of you experiences intuitiveness, thoughts, perceptions, others around you and even those that you do not know begin to experience the very same things. This is the beginning of the unification, the Oneness that each of you knows exists.

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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn:

The most potent of these portals of 2009 are occurring on :

March Equinox - Mar 20 (to Full Moon Apr 09)
June Solstice - June 21
Solar Eclipse - July 22
Lunar Eclipse - Aug 06
9-9-9 - Sept 09
September Equinox - Sept 22
November 11 - Nov 11
December Solstice - Dec 21

The dawning of the return is occurring on the March 20th Equinox in 2009, in which long dormant magnetic codes will be reactivated in specific generation points on the earth. Indeed, this equinox will initiate an incredibly intense energy for 21 days in fervid momentum through the post equinox full moon on April 9th. Dear Ones, all of you will discernibly feel the piercing frequency generated. This release will be triggered by a download of cosmic crystalline energies received specific in pyramidal transmitting complexes in order to reseed and activate these ancient magnetic codes across the length and breadth of the planet.

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Beacons of Light - Steve Rother

July 21 and 22, 2009 - Collective Vibration of Humanity Measurement

There is a rather large download of technology that is coming to this planet on July 21st and 22nd. If the vibration on those days is high enough to support it, it will immediately take hold and grow.

Over the two days of July 21st and 22nd, a window will open and higher technologies will once again drop into our world. A new seed is being planted and it's a big one. If during these two days the human collective vibration reaches a level that it can support these new technologies, they will take hold and immediately and show up as "new inventions" in the very near future. However, if the collective is not yet high enough, some of the new technologies will get very close but will not work consistently. It would be similar to what has happened with cold fusion thus far.

Although the possibilities are endless, there are two specific occurrences to watch for. Most of us can actually remember life before computers and cell phones, but these technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives; we depend on them. To help put this in perspective, the technologies that lie directly in front of us would amount to technological advances 12 times greater than the previous major shift experienced with the advent of the computer. Importantly, these technologies can help us to stop polluting the Earth and help Her to re-balance. The example they gave was the teleportation of live biological material (aka The Star Trek transporter), which could eliminate carbon emissions from vehicles almost overnight. They said it is actually very close since it has been in our collective consciousness for many years. If the collective vibration is high enough on these dates in July, the new technologies can take hold and grow into reality right from the start.

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

You will feel the surge of Oneness in your heart as we line up for the next generation of Light, from July 7 to August 8, 2009.  Entering and exiting thru 3 eclipses that are holding hands, we will be doing a dangerous circus act with great precision. It is here, we will finally meet our own hearts!

As the energies are lined up between July 7 and August 8, lay yourself down a template of intention; something physical; holding the vibration of what you have pledged to do, to be to become. A place that cannot be broken for it vibrates in your heart.

2009 Jul 07: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2009 Jul 22: Total Solar Eclipse

2009 Aug 06: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2009 Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse

On July 22, 2009 the Star Sirius Rises and the Atlantean New Year begins and we will have a total solar eclipse, the longest of the 21st century. The eclipse is a 74/11 vibration. This sacred vibration teaches one to believe in what cannot be seen. This Light comes through the heart not allowing anything to sway it from its destiny. The four, representing earth and material, dances and tries to seduce the seven out of its holy place. By acknowledging the God within all things we will make it through this teaching vibration. Discipline is needed to keep peace of mind and keep one from drowning within circumstance.

When Divinity dons her full costume of light one realizes there are no needs... for all needs are fluid and able to fulfill themselves. Pass through this gate with a deep knowing. On August 6, 2009 we have a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which escorts us into the 8:8 Lions Gate.

August 8, 2009 (8:8) is an energy doorway that activates the etheric and cellular/Stellar Hall of Records. This is a Galactic activation of stellar proportion. Time has quickened and the 'time matrix' shifts into unknown areas. August 8, 2009 is a meeting place of polarities. It is a celebration beyond time that escorts us home through the Sphinx Lions Gate to the Stars we shine for. The very ends of our DNA open to embrace a new possibility.

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NASA Eclipse Data »

This solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the twenty-first century, and will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132.


December Update

Oct 03 - Stargate systems begin opening
Nov 02 - Full Moon
Nov 08 - Mayan Galactic 6th Night begins
Nov 11 - 11:11 Portal
Nov 29 - 11:11 Portal (No.2)
Dec 12 - 12:12 Portal
Dec 21 - Winter Solstice
Dec 31 - Lunar Eclipse
Jan 15 - Solar Eclipse (2010)

Dr. Meg - Update regarding October 2009 Stargate systems »

Metatron through Lauren Gorgo

"In the light of the next full moon (11/2), there will be a changing of the guard. This change will commence as a result of new galactic and interstellar alignments that will precede the entrance of a new cycle.

This new galactic cycle is a pivotal step in consciousness that will again expose the outworn ways and disrupt the flow of any system based in separation. We assure you that no stone will be left unturned in the coming days, months and years. For this reason it is paramount that each of you, the masters of light, remain diligent in your thinking, anchored in truth, and that your actions stem forth from a place of love."

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Lauren Gorgo

"On 11/8 we will officially enter the galactic 6th night according to the Mayan calendar, and on 11/11 there will be another re-calibration of sorts...a way to realign ourselves with the 5D again after another month of anchoring these energies into every square inch of our physical lives."

At the 12/12 portal and until the Solstice, the gate will be closing behind us and timelines will be severed. At this point, those embarking upon the new and true will have been completely and biologically prepared for higher dimensional living and, if not already, it will become very apparent which reality we reside in at that point. Some vibrational filtering will need to take place to put each of us in contact with our true brothers and sisters of like-mind so we can come together and work collaboratively on our visions of a new earth.

By the new year we will be operating at a completely new level of creative expression and actively participating in and with our new beginnings."

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Lauren Gorgo

12:21 The Doorway

I am being shown that the solstice on 12/21/09 will create the doorway to enter the vibrations of new earth.

"This doorway to the other side will appear in your lives and members of intergalactic societies here to assist you will become visible to some at the onset of your new beginnings.

This will have many global ramifications for soon those with the ability to perceive inter-dimensional worlds will become more prominent in their ability to lead.

The new world is marked by those who have done the soul work necessary to arrive and consequently uphold the vision for a unified and sustainable planet of peace and cooperation.

12:21 is the interconnecting portal between past and future, the doorway to full presence.

This entry point is signified by the collapsing of time lines and opens for those who have achieved the level of mastery and self love necessary to exist comfortably in the realms of neutrality.

All those who have not yet achieved the level of love necessary to self activate will simply return to the cycle of karmic clearing in anticipation of the planetary ascension. No one is lost, forgotten, nor left behind.

For those on the truncated path of mastery, interaction with duality ends here." - Pleiadians

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Lauren Gorgo

12:21-Out With the Old, In With the New

"This opportunity is of great magnitude for it offers each of you a final chance to free yourself of dross before the lunar eclipse seals your intentions on the 31st and the solar eclipse activates them on January 15th. It is a signal for each of you to rise up and claim your Godliness, your right of passage into the year of the 3 vibration." - Pleiadians

The final days of this month are pushing us beyond the confines of what was and allowing us to freely choose what can be.

"In the light of a new dawn, all those who came to represent the new earth culture will be set free to experience truth, sacredness and love in all of life. The ways of the warrior will become the ways of the dove, gentle and loving, peaceful and free.

These new traits of human consciousness are to be fulfilled by the way-showers and new leaders and will be harnessed by the people of earth thru the great examples of what can be.

The next few weeks will be filled with potent energies and opportunities to rise up and be counted. Stay firmly connected to your new creations during this time for the light is increasing exponentially and all intentions will be magnified greatly.

In this, we remind each of you to honor your truth and stand in your full integrity as self-empowered beings of co-creation, for this is what will be birthed through the next moon.

Beloved warriors, your visions are about to become a reality. All wayward elements come to a close this month and all aspects of divinity come together to form the complete and multidimensional you. Behold the new day!" - Pleiadians

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