20 Days of Light Passage
Tohoku Tsunami Transition Work

Flint Flintoft - April 3, 2011

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"Gathering" by Gilbert Williams

(Verbatim excerpt from Flint's bilingual Tokyo Talk, "Core Light as Your Shield". Our story begins after travel to Ise in the west of Japan on March 12, 2011, one day after experiencing the 9.0 Quake in Tokyo.)

“A few days after (the March 11th Earthquake), we were getting over our shock while in Ise, and I would be lying down at night and all of these spirits would come into my head. I couldn't sleep and I said, "I have to give some help to these people." This vision was from the Sendai area.

One of my jobs is helping people through Death. I usually take seven days to take a person through Death into a higher place. But that's a personal, individual service and at a time like this — a disaster, there are thousands of people — there's no time to help someone individually.

So I created a temple. The one thing I noticed about all of these people was the amount of chaos and panic in the atmosphere at the time and nobody (caught in the Tsunami) knew what they were doing out there in the spiritual realm. Overwhelming! So I decided to give them some help and we went to work.

I think some of you joined in this work in your meditations, and I say, "Thank You". It was an amazing 20 days working with these people. Thousands of people. I've said officially hundreds, but I have no idea how many people came through. And the amount of help that was offered from the world — and not only from prayers, but from other people who had come to the temple in their sleep, some of the Lightworkers were there, many hundreds of people gathering to help at that time. (The temple was active 24/7, even though we visited once each evening for a few hours. Its size and appearance would change with each passing day.)

So the purpose of that temple was to help people to meet and to be gathered at a very low level of the Astral, in order to get sorted out and to get through their own shock, in order to move up into another level. And after 20 days, the temple gradually became more and more quiet and silent, until on March 31st we could finally close that work.

We kept a diary each night, working for about an hour to two hours, and some amazing people came through. I won't go into the list because it sounds pretty phenomenal. We'll talk about that later, but some very 'erai' (respected) people came through that temple, not only through Death, but Helpers — Helpers from the Spiritual world.

The people going through, the people who had passed on, were so thankful! Over the 20 days we saw so many different cases. People from all walks of life, from children to grandparents to Obachan and Ojisan thanking us and working within their communities.

One evening in particular that I remember... it was called "Owakarekai Evening" (Farewell Evening). There would be two or three people talking at the front, different people coming up and talking as families, talking to their community. And the temple by this time was a huge place, holding even a thousand people. It was like a stadium. And there would be these groups from different towns, telling THEIR town, saying how sorry they were for what had happened to their town. And that they really wanted to rebuild their town. And just showing their love for the community and the town, and the same thing you would do at a funeral — just sharing your tears with each other for the town itself, and of course the people who had died, but for the town itself. Owakarekai.

So as these people became more centered and calm and ready to move up, they went up. Angels were there to help them on their way, just as they always are. But during this disaster, the confusion, they needed just an extra step, a place like a community center almost, to get themselves sorted out and take care of many connections to the Earth over those 20 days. Many people were still visiting families down on Earth.

So this is a kind of Spiritual Care. I know in Japan you have a certain phrase that you use in a certain way. I call this Spiritual Care — Caring for the Spirits.”

- Flint Flintoft - Tokyo 2011

(May be continued.)

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"Oh Flint, thank you for providing this... I was aware that there was a lot of chaos and confusion in the astral, but your update really confirms this. Thank you and Noriko for the wonderful work that you both have done/are doing... to assist those souls in providing a 'safe gathering place' and holding the energy/assisting them so that they could then be guided to their next step of the transition... all pretty miraculous and awe-inspiring! So glad that the healings are taking place. We are all so intimately connected aren't we...

And we here in the US continue to watch and are inspired by the survivors... the LOVE, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE that the Japanese are demonstrating to the world under such stressful conditions is very inspiring... the Japanese have chosen the 'higher road' and are showing us/the world how to do it! "

A.B. -- San Diego

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"I am there with you everyday in my thoughts. Please let me know if you need me to do anything ....ANYTHING....over here. I will await more news as to how I can help. Still listening for developments everyday and sending what I can for the workers at the plant. They are real heroes and I have so much admiration for them and the way all of Japan is coping. I guess it is a time of wait and see. Just wanted you to know we are with you."

J.L. -- Vancouver, B.C.

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