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Death Transition Guidance

OM Death is not an easy subject to talk about in our present-day society. It has been a taboo topic until recently, as a spiritual renaissance awakens our planet. A truer understanding of the mechanism of death has broadened the acceptance of spiritual care and new possibilities for loved ones who are passing on into the next realms.

Death is still a great unknown mystery for most, and many fears, beliefs and superstitions are raised as the time of passing draws near. Unfortunately for those who are sick or elderly, very little is done to comfort them at a spiritual level, as they spend their last days in isolated care centers, very often on medication and in anxious fear.

Long ago, in very ancient cultures, death was more fully understood as a transition, from one stage of life to the next. In fact, this transition was celebrated, and the spirit would be royally escorted and welcomed back to a higher, expansive place in the next realms. Special transition guides, often working as teams, were honored to safely escort a soul back to it's natural point of origin, past the turmoil and distractions of the lower, near realms. And there, on the highest planes, they were met and welcomed by the angelic members of their true spiritual family.

Today, as mankind's spiritual consciousness is evolving quickly, many are beginning to accept and remember that life continues after death, and they wish for a different departure. It doesn't need to be a sad, gloomy affair, and time can be taken for farewells with respect and honor, and a sense of joy for their homecoming reunion.

Flint assists those who are making the transition into Death, as a guide on their journey through the non-physical realms. He has undergone specific shamanic training over many years with various teachers around the world, including inner masters who deal with this work. Flint is also a graduate of both Adamus Saint-Germain's DreamWalker School and Overlight Transition Facilitation Training. He offers his unique and personal transition guidance for this new era of spiritual awakening.

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