Treading Water

Flint Flintoft - May 1st, 2010

Toba Retreat Talk - excerpt regarding preparation for June energies


Treading Water

...We've been building up to this moment tonight because we've talked about what's coming in June 2010, and I just want to talk a bit more about that.

Since December last year, most people have been digging around in their subconscious and making new decisions, throwing out some of the useless beliefs they have and since March things have gotten better, things are improving. But between December and March things were actually quite depressing.

Between March 21st Equinox and June 21st Solstice, energies are picking up, and you are expected to choose a direction for yourself. If you don't feel like choosing a direction, that's OK, but it's better if you do, because the energies that are going to be coming in, in even greater strength in June, will be here to support whatever you have chosen. So it's important to be clear!

And the analogy/image that I'm using to help people understand this is to imagine that you are treading water, and you are now floating just up to your chest, with your head above the surface of the water, and you are able to see other people also floating on the water, people who are deciding what they want to do in life with the New Energy.

And as you see each other with your heads above the water, you'll recognize each other, you'll see that you're here to help each other with your direction as a community, you'll be reaching out, able to work very agreeably with each other.

So those people you have been working with, you'll be working even more agreeably together and you're going to be recognizing and bringing in even more people as they show up, or surface. The rest of the world may still be "underwater" -- you may not see many people with their heads up, because there are a lot of people in the world that don't want to wake up.

You may only be able to awaken "up to your chin" because the rest of you is still undecided or you're still a little confused, but maybe you can only awaken up to here! That's OK, at least you can see! And at some point, you might meet somebody who's going to reach down and pull you up because there are people prepared who are ready to help you.

So the focus of this retreat and the topics I'll be talking about over the next couple of months around Japan are these points. You're getting the advanced version of this, preparing you to "move ahead with your passion". What do you really want to do? Because this is your chance to do it!

- Flint

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