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What is Huna?

Huna is a knowledge of the hidden side of life that teaches that man is made of three selves or minds - the Conscious mind or Mid Self, the Subconscious mind or Low Self, and the Superconscious mind or High Self. Each Low Self is in communication with all other Low Selves and with all that vibrates in nature, both material and non-material. Each High Self is in communication with all other High Selves.

Huna wisdom has roots deep in the ancient past and has been traced throughout many spiritual paths and practices, including Polynesian, Mayan, Tibetan, and Egyptian among others. Native shamans and spiritual practitioners throughout the centuries have drawn on aspects of this knowledge in their ability to heal and provide guidance for others, through access to Higher Self.

Huna is a universal teaching about nature, mind, spirit and resonance. It has been kept alive and intact in its simplicity in Hawaii and Polynesia, where the knowledge has been passed on for thousands of years by the Kahuna shamans and their ancestors.

Huna is an interdimensional art that invites us to explore our inner talents, heal our misunderstandings about ourselves and our world, and move into greater experience of our true being through the path of loving power and powerful love.

Quotes on Huna

"The Huna teachings are the clearest form of psychology and religion on the planet."

- The Universal Mind as channeled by Paul Solomon


"A remarkable occurence that I came upon in my research was the fact that the Egyptian teachings involved with becoming initiated into the Order of Melchizadek in the Third Dynasty were almost word for word the teachings of the Huna of Hawaii."

- from The Hidden Mysteries - Joshua David Stone, Ph.D


"One of the most important aspects of this entire work is getting in touch with the Higher Self. According to the Huna knowledge, once this connection is made, amazing coincidences will start occurring in your life."

- from The Flower of Life - as presented by Drunvalo Melchizadek


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