Awakening Inner Light Course

Learn More About Your Self
Humanity is now experiencing an awakening process that moves us beyond tradition and local culture into a sharing of global vision and greater potential. In this era of change, a deeper understanding of the totality of Self is important -- and reconnection to spiritual identity that has long waited to be acknowledged.

Awakening Inner Light
A deeper understanding of Self and opening to Higher Mind and Spirit is the focus of this course. "You are much greater than you think you are", is an invitation to explore yourself, past illusions and beyond current limitations. The course highlights a range of authentic and effective spiritual arts and practices. Huna and Resonance, Shamanic Pathwork and New Consciousness teachings are woven into a simple Universal style that reveals hidden aspects of psychology, energy and inner abilities.

Remembering Who You Are
Alignment with Spirit is encouraged through awareness and inner work, on a path of self-discovery and inner trust. Heart-based confidence in your natural identity is a key to your path forward in the new era that is dawning.

Course Module

1. Huna Basic - New Consciousness
2. Developing a Partnership with Higher Self
+ Reconnecting with your Deeper Self ---e-Learning

You can choose to attend the basic workshops or study the full course.

Huna Basic


Huna is a spiritual knowledge that explains our deeper mind and our connections to nature, spirit and the universe. The study of Huna contains much, including psychology, belief structures, energy, resonance and healing. It is a clear and very useful knowledge that accelerates personal growth, expansion of inner light and the ability to help others. It guides us on a proven path to develop confidence in our own talents, abilities and intuition.

This one-day workshop is an introduction to the deeper mechanisms of consciousness, healing and the world of Spirit. Healers and explorers, and those interested in the spiritual arts will value this knowledge to empower their journey.

A description of the deeper mind and its potentials will be explored. Keys will be offered to develop connections to deeper self and inner abilities, to help yourself and others.

  • How our consciousness is developing and what is expected during the coming years.
  • The three aspects of human consciousness - Mid Self, Low Self, High Self.
  • Alignment of Three Selves - Keys to strengthen your connection with Spirit.
  • Power of Imagination - Meditations to enhance your inner world and exploration.

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Resonance is the Art of Tuning and Harmonizing

In this workshop you will learn the basic practice of Resonance and its application. Resonance means tuning into something and it begins with feeling and sensing with your awareness, more than your mind. We will practice tuning into nature and apply that skill for tuning into ourselves and others.

If you can be aware of the vibration of people, places, emotions and thoughts, you can resonate wth them intentionally. You will be able to interact with situations and people more consciously through your choice, to provide healing and begin your expansion of interdimensional skills.

  • Principle of Resonance and its application
  • Sympathy, Empathy and Entrainment
  • Sharpening your awareness of energies around you
  • Learn how to tune into something with your Intent
  • Inner Work to develop your Resonance skills

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Developing a Partnership with Higher Self


This workshop will focus on the function and responsibilities of Higher Self, the deeper aspects of personal memory and imagination and how to work with Higher Self towards manifesting your life goals. This is a continuation of the Three Selves information presented earlier.

Your Higher Divine Self understands and accepts everything about you. It respects the challenges that you face along your path, as a part of your growth process. It encourages you through inspiration, leading you ever onward - when you are willing to ask, and willing to listen.

Some subjects to be explored:

  • Alignment of Three Selves - Keys to strengthen your connection with Spirit.
  • Its role in partnership with consciousness.
  • How choice and decision create your reality.
  • Cooperating with Higher Self to find your personal direction.

Spiritual Psychology and Inner Work

Towards a deeper understanding of Self -- See Spiritual Psychology and Inner Work Page

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