Lyceum Retreats
Getting Back to Nature
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New Earth, New Vision » Megamiyama Oct 2010 The Pulse of Spirit » Ise-shima April 2010 Emergence » Kumano Sept 2009 Creating Sanctuary » Tenkawa Apr 2009 Creating Sacred Space » Megamiyama Nov 2008 Opening Inner Door » Megamiyama Aug 2008 Awaken Inner Light » Hokkaido Sept 2007 New Shaman's Retreat » Yamanaka-ko May 2007

Each year we enjoy excursions and retreats into nature, visiting sacred sites, ancient shrines and the natural splendor of Japan.

During a refreshing nature retreat, we take time to calm our minds and expand our awareness. By tuning into nature and self, our perception can broaden and our connection to nature and spirit can be more profoundly understood. As our daily awareness expands, our interdimensional perception and abilities can also be uncovered. Practice in nature is one of the best ways to begin this adventure with Inner Self that waits to show you more.

Listed here are some of the longer weekend retreats we have enjoyed during recent years. Click on a link to take you to the retreat description. Come and enjoy with us soon!

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