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These graphics show astrological transit patterns - or the interrelationship of the planets on specific dates. The geometries result from aspects or angles formed by each planet's position in relation to all others. Click on the graphic to open the main transit chart.

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Transits for May 3, 4, 5, 2000

Do you remember these three days in May 2000? Many planets gathered in Taurus, and this configuration marked a major push in our shift in consciousness that has been rippling ever since.

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May 2000 Image
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Transits for November 9, 2003

Star of David - Exceedingly rare to see one so symmetric. This pattern began to form November 8th afternoon and held most of the day of the 9th. Harmonic Concordance was celebrated around the world.


Transits for November 6, 2006

This pattern of five planets gathering in Scorpio holds for 16 days in Oct-Nov and joins again in Sagittarius through December. Also T-square Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter - last time was 535 AD - End Of The Roman Era.


Transits for December 10, 2006

A continuation of the T-square configuration from November 2006 -- in Sagittarius in December. In 535 AD -- Nobles were returning from the middle east 'Holy Wars'. Huge volcanic 'proto-Krakatoa' explosion in Indonesia created an atmospheric blanket that began 'The Dark Ages'. Plague, floods, drought and crop failures. Tree rings didn't show normal growth. Nations changed their religions due to omens. Empires fell.


Transits for December 24, 2007

A very remarkable planetary/galactic configuration occurs on 23rd and 24 December 2007. The configuration includes Mars, Earth, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and the Galactic Centre. It will be accompanied by the Full Moon (conjunct Mars) on December 24 when a simultaneous Venus square Neptune occurs. It is even more remarkable in that the Pluto/Sun conjunction appears exactly on the Winter Solstice, just past conjunction with the Galactic Centre.

NASA view from Mars View from above


Transits for February 16 to 19, 2008

Star Gate - In February there comes an opening of intergalactic proportions, according to one report. An opening of the Linain Star Gate Series. This pattern holds through to Feb 22nd.


Transits for August 7, 2010

Another rare, very symmetric alignment. Only the Sun and Neptune stand as observers of this intense resonant "square dance". This holds for one day, however variations on this pattern continue for two months.


Transits for October 28, 2011

Carl Johan Calleman has calculated the end of the Mayan calendar on this day.


Transits for December 21, 2012

Wondering about December 2012? This is the configuration at the exact timing of Winter Solstice (11:11 UTC or 8:11 JST). Not so symmetric, however, the sun will be aligned with the Galactic Center on this day.


Transits for March 2, 2013 - "The Portal"

March of 2013 reveals a very powerful alignment. Several planets gather in Pisces with Saturn and Jupiter on the wings, and Uranus and Pluto focused symmetrically at the sides of this powerful "V" configuration.


Transits for March 11, 2013

And further, this pattern holds its basic shape and influence not for a few hours, but for 10 full days! - from March 2 to March 11. This alignment is one of the most unusual I have found to date and invites wonder at the possibilities.

This collection is a work in progress. To date, my research includes primarily the orbs within our Solar System, and no nearby stars. The patterns shown here are chosen mainly for their symmetry. No attempt has been made to delineate their significance, as I am merely looking ahead for patterns. More discoveries coming as time permits.

Astrologers - All transits are calculated using Japan Standard Time. The aspect geometries may differ slightly using other time zones. Your notes, delineations and forecasts are welcomed. -- © Flint 2002

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