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Books About Huna

Here is a partial list of books in print about Huna.

Serge Kahili King
Urban Shaman
Mastering Your Hidden Self
Kahuna Healing
Imagineering For Health
Earth Energies
Instant Healing

Max Freedom Long
The Secret Science Behind Miracles
The Secret Science At Work
Recovering The Ancient Magic
Growing Into Light
Huna Code In Religions
Psychometric Analysis

The Adventurer's Quest - Paul Waters
Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman
Clearing Your Lifepath - Allan P. Lewis
Self Awareness Through Huna - Erika Nau
Mana Magic - John Bainbridge
Huna - The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking - W. Glover
Kahuna Magic - Brad Steiger
Huna - A Beginner's Guide - Enid Hoffman

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