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The Art of Resonance


Everything in the universe, from the smallest particle to an entire galaxy, is in a state of vibration. Everything has it's particular frequency of vibration and communicates energetically through the Principle of Resonance. Science and spirituality are now beginning to find common ground through this principle and many future advances in physics, medicine, healing and consciousness will be made through exploration of resonance.

With an understanding of resonance, your own ability to "tune into" and influence a wider range of experiences can be enhanced. Shamanic abilities of healing, manifestation and exploration draw considerably on this knowledge.

The concept of harmony and resonance as it is used in Huna

The Principle of Resonance is very important in Huna — to become aware of how resonance works in our lives. Harmony, affinity and rapport are words that describe aspects of resonance. At it's simplest — it is a phenomenon of vibration. When two objects are vibrating at the same, or a harmonic frequency, energy is exchanged between them.

If you strike one tuning fork and hold it close to another tuning fork of the same musical key, the second fork will begin to vibrate, due to the energy being exchanged, and the fact that both forks are tuned to the same resonant frequency.

Imagine yourself pulling on a rope that is attached to a large bell, that is hidden high above you. In order to get the bell to ring, you must pay attention to the movement of the rope, and pull in a steady rhythm — in harmony, or "in tune" with the bell's movement. In this example, the bell's sound is the energy that is exchanged.

Some other simple examples of resonance are friendship between two or more people; a person with a "Green Thumb" that has a special affinity or rapport with plants; a musical chord played by an orchestra that sends a pleasant energetic chill down your spine each time you hear it.

Many of the things you like in your environment are concerned with your personal resonances. A special place or even a country that you like to visit, the colors and fabrics that you choose to wear, the food that you enjoy, even the recurring experiences that you attract. Some part of your being is in tune with all of these.

How do you practice "tuning in" through Huna?

Everything in the universe vibrates. Atoms and molecules are vibrating at their individual frequencies. Light and sound vibrate at higher frequencies. Even thought vibrates at certain frequencies. The universe is a sea of mutually interacting vibrations, and a change in one ultimately affects all others.

Being in touch with nature, and being able to "tune into" a plant, a crystal, an animal, a person or a location in order to pick up a "feeling tone" or vibration is the beginning of this practice. From this practice, the ability to communicate with and influence the environment on many levels can be developed. For example, the ability to find hidden objects, water and minerals is an innate ability that all humans share, but must be practiced and developed.

Human consciousness is a very powerful resonance instrument, with its ability to tune into vibrational frequencies. With practice, the conscious mind can expand and deepen its awareness through the senses and begin to perceive that we are connected to all things through vibration.

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