Events - December 2017
Osaka Soul Transition Workshop - December 12, 2017

• Practical Spirituality Workshops
• Higher Imagination Training
• Working Beyond the Veil
• Pleiadian Potentials
• Creating Sacred Space
• Shamanic Nature Retreats

Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Ise, Sendai, Asuka

Flint Interview
The Way of the Urban Shaman

align Refresh Your Body, Mind and Spirit
Osaka -- November 1 - Mid of January
Tokyo -- End of January - February
Spiritual talks, guided meditations, workshops, and nature retreats to awaken inner vision and self mastery.

Thank You
Heartful thanks to our friends around the world for your interest in our activities. Your generous support helps us to provide unique services and new knowledge for the coming era. Your kindness returns to you tenfold!

Thank you for your blessings ♥ Flint & Noriko

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