Harmonizing and Enhancing Body, Mind and Spirit

Spiritual Clearing and Awakening Sessions with Flint

Flint is a clairsentient practitioner, offering a unique set of integral healing modalities to help you during this transition time.

He offers a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit with focused therapeutic services, drawing on a broad background of over 30 years of guidance experience to help examine personal challenges and find your best path forward.

A refreshed mind with new insights and an energized, comfortable physical body can often clarify our sense of confidence and direction.

The ultimate intention is to blend the heart, mind, emotions and physical body into a balanced, harmonious Being.

Feel good about yourself. Make this life an empowering experience where your dreams and potential really do come true.



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HC HEART CLEARING ™ sessions clear and activate chakras, meridians and points between the solar plexus, the heart, throat and higher chakras to relieve confusion and depression, and promote clarity and awareness.

  • Relieve feelings of tightness and anxiety in heart area.
  • Relieve depression and disorientation, lack of direction and hope.
  • Breathe more deeply and naturally.
  • Feel stronger sense of clarity, direction and self-expression.
BW AWAKENING BODYWORK ™ realigns the body physically and energetically to improve posture, stimulate natural energy pathways, and renew well-being in body, mind and spirit.

  • Clear pain due to long-term tension patterns held anywhere in the body.
  • Relieve headaches, dizziness, disconnection from body and spirit.
  • Relieve digestive problems and skin complaints.
  • Feel more vitality, flexibility, clarity, and focus.
IJ INNER JOURNEY is an introduction to inner exploration. Examine your inner world in a conscious state and find deeper self-connection and understanding, through contact with your Inner Self.

  • Explore your inner world and deeper self with guidance.
  • Understand your deeper patterns and motivations.
  • Clear blocks to renew flow of personal energy.
  • Develop spiritual connection and inner harmony.
GL GUIDELIGHT ™ is a profoundly deep spiritual exploration, directed by your Higher Divine Self. Clear recurring patterns, heal relationships and locate hidden talents to improve your life and self-expression.

  • Clear past and present life challenges with guidance from Higher Self.
  • Redecide and broaden your life direction with expanded spiritual insight.
  • Understand more about family connections and relationships.
  • Explore talents and aspects of self that await your encouragement.
DH DISTANT HEALING provides uplifting healing energy and encouragement during relaxation in your own home to relieve physical and emotional symptoms. World-wide service. Spiritual help can make a difference.

  • Receive spiritual support during a time of need, anywhere in the world.
  • Receive healing help for physical, emotional and energetic complaints.
  • Ask for yourself or on behalf of a bedridden family member or friend.
  • A wonderful comforting gift for those in surgery or hospice.

Death Transition Guidance - Spiritual care and guidance for departing loved ones before and throughout the death process.

Birth Transition Guidance - Welcoming care and guidance for the expecting mother and incoming spirit before and throughout the birth process.

S.O.S - Spiritual Overlight Support - Spiritual support during surgery and post operative recovery promotes psychological comfort, emotional confidence and energy balancing for faster healing and recovery.

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Integrated Sessions Combine several modalities to create a special custom session for you.
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Medical Disclaimer:

These alternative and complementary therapeutic methods are not intended to diagnose any medical conditions or to replace the advice and treatment of your regular physician.

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