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Hanase - Daihizan - Mountain Serenity

Bujoji Temple Gate - Beautiful entrance to the steep trail leading to Bujoji Temple, about 30 minutes up Mt. Daihizan. This mountain is also known as North Omine and is known as a training place for Shugendo since ancient times.

Bujoji Temple sits on tall pillar supports on the side of the mountain. The structure was built in 1154 by Kanku who was also a Shugendo practitioner at Mt. Omine-Kumano. The construction must have been especially challenging in such a steep and wild location. The view of the valley from here is breathtaking.

Sanbonsugi or Daihizansugi - These three magnificent cedars have grown from one root, secluded high up in a very abundant forest. They exude a certain authority over the area and radiate a strong healthy, virile energy.

The refreshing natural energy of these three trees is an inspiring experience. Some felt slightly dizzy with a spiraling sensation. Others felt strengthened and balanced. As tall as they are, they have mysteriously avoided being marred by lightning.

Taking a break along the trail to get acquainted with natural energies. The forest, stream, ferns and moss here are unforgettable. Some of the best water we have tasted comes from a spring near the foot of the three cedars.

Lunch on the river at the Monzenchaya Ryokan. Wading in a clear mountain stream on a warm July afternoon is good for the soul!

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