Spiritual Psychology and Inner Work

These are topics you can study according to your interests. We recommend you to study Huna basic along with these classes. Several of these courses are offered in e-Learning format.

Self-Image, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

2010 will be a year of inner growth, expansion and new challenges. At the core of our greatest personal achievements is sense of self-worth and capability.

When we are feeling unworthy, we hesitate to move forward and we stay where we are. Feeling good about ourselves provides the foundation of intent to move forward and take on our next life adventure.

Spiritual Psychology will be discussed to help you understand more about Self and confidence. A guided meditation will provide a deeper look at your personal strengths and self-image in order to move forward during 2010.

mp3 e-Learning is available for this subject
January 2010 - Recorded in Tokyo

Reconnect with your Natural Self

Exploring a way to connect with your deeper natural self, usually ignored in daily life. This will help you to create a solid base within which is channel to your spirit . Also learning to clear obstacles that block cooperation and partnership between inner selves.

* Connecting to the deeper reality within.
* How this part of you makes the difference in your everyday life.
* Feeling and expressing more of your true nature.
* Practical meditation to refresh your natural well-being.

mp3 e-Learning is available for this subject
April 2010 - Recorded in Tokyo

Brightening Your Spiritual Core

Strengthening your inner Core of Light to withstand the winds of change.

As the world moves through the current shift, you will appreciate having an eye within the storm.

What is required to have a stable center? A state of internal alignment which doesn't rely on external power. You can be self-contained and self-empowered. Practice the feeling of unplugging from external power. This is a first step toward the state of alignment.

Redescribe Yourself


Awakening Your True Self -- Exploring and uncovering your inner truth and trusting your new identity.

We have been through a period of SORTING for some time now -- casting out those beliefs, ideas and activities that no longer hold value in our lives, or just don't work anymore. And now you may be looking around for the next step, searching around for answers and instructions, but finding very little to help you. It's the beginning of a new stage of creativity and inner trust.

January has brought a new phase in our awakening process -- we have started a period of RE-DESCRIPTION. By throwing out what is no longer valid -- old patterns and descriptions can now be replaced with something new, based on inner truth and self-knowledge, instead of limitation and illusion.

You may have cleaned your inner house last year by throwing out the trash. Now is time to redecorate. You may have been acting from an old over-used script, leaning on crippled patterns of limitation. Now is the time to begin to re-write it, to suit the REAL you. You may be attracting opportunities now to make changes in your description -- by changing jobs, relationships, place of residence, and more, in order to clear old patterns.

Begin to re-describe the Dream of Who You Are and Who You Are Becoming.  You are much greater than you think you are! And by re-describing yourself, you can hold a new image of yourself, and therefore attract new conditions to yourself.  It's time to rewrite your script in this drama of life and you are the scriptwriter -- what will you choose?

Creating your Sacred Space

We will practice creating a new and very useful space around yourself that is sacred -- a space where you can feel safe within yourself, a boundary area through which no one or thing can pass without your permission. Not to be confused with a defense mechanism, it is an empowered energy field where you can remember more of who you truly are. It feels like moving into a new home --with everything that YOU want, instead of what the world has dictated that you must accept.

As the world becomes more chaotic, you will welcome this space as the eye within a storm. Here you can unfold your individuality without the invasion of outside authority. You can begin to empower yourself through the release of negativity and old beliefs that may no longer be serving you. You can maintain your emotional balance and increase your personal frequency and spiritual wave form through your higher healing connections.

Monthly Heart Light Journeys

Practice journeying into your inner world -- See HeartLight Journeys Page

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