Course Themes

Awaken Lyceum offers a broad range of spiritual studies that include both instruction and practical experience for those opening to the current reconnective process we are now experiencing on Earth.

Spiritual Learning doesn't need to be dry and serious. Our visionary classroom of the imagination 'brings the teachings to life and life to the teachings', with insights from illuminating ancient and contemporary spiritual sources that open doors within the mind and heart.

Our students find a warm, familiar feeling of 'coming home' during our courses and activities, through studies with like-minded friends and a sharing international community. Many students have found new clarity, motivation and direction based on their true life interests.

We host a variety of public talks, guided meditations, weekend workshops, and nature retreats as well as full training programs. We welcome your participation at this exciting time of New Energy on the New Earth.

Our curriculum shares four foundational pillars of support to awaken inner vision and self mastery.
Any course may draw on several of these main themes.

Course Themes

New Consciousness
Awakening Your Inner Light

Consciousness Human Consciousness is experiencing a grand shift from a state of separation from Spirit to alignment and eventual merging or "re-membering" into unified higher consciousness.

New Consciousness studies are derived from a broad range of spiritual sources plus contemporary science and integrated into a universal approach to spiritual understanding. These integral studies, along with inner work, lead to new perception through heart-based alignment of Inner Self.

Some subjects to be explored:

  • Three Selves of Consciousness -- An overview of Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious minds as defined by Huna and how they interact in daily life.

  • Alignment of Three Selves -- Clearing an inner path that enhances alignment, cooperation and partnership between inner selves.

  • Opening the Door to Your Inner World -- Imagination is an entrance into inner dimensions. Learn to work with the power of deeper imagination to access higher levels of awareness.

  • Spiritual Psychology and Inner Work -- Understanding aspects of human psychology through spiritual perspectives and inner work keys to strengthen your connection with Spirit.

Energy and Healing

Aquarius Everything in the universe, from the smallest particle to an entire galaxy, is in a state of vibration. Everything has it's particular frequency of vibration and communicates energetically through the principle of resonance.

With an understanding of resonance, your ability to "tune into" and also influence a wider range of experiences can be enhanced. Shamans and healers use this skill to help others in a variety of ways that extend normal sensing to include the intuitive.

Some subjects to be explored:

  • Understanding Resonance -- How all things are energetically linked and interact through harmonic resonant frequencies.

  • Communicating with Nature -- Practice tuning into natural energies to gain new understanding of the world around you.

  • Healing Abilities -- Improve your resonant skills through focused awareness to discover more about your natural healing abilities.

  • Creating Sacred Space -- Enhance your energetic field to reduce stress and confusion in relationships and improve your well-being on many levels.

New Galactic Shamanism

Interdimensional We live physically in 3D but interact with multiple realities through consiousness. In the higher realms, inner perception and abilities can be used for healing and guidance, and to navigate and influence new realities.

As we approach higher consciousness through the spiritual heart, we begin to remember these inner dimensions and this awareness becomes a natural tool. As this process accelerates towards 2012 and beyond, a world is being revealed that shamans and luminaries have explored for thousands of years.

Some subjects to be explored:

  • Dimensions and Densities -- How our multidimensional self supports us interdimensionally through various levels of awareness.

  • Sensing and Skills -- Shamanic Journeying, Sensory Bilocation, Distant Healing, Remote Viewing.

  • Heart Vision -- Developing a heart-based understanding of inner self and new perception through exploration and practices.

  • New Energy -- New interdimensional frequencies of energy are arriving now. Learn to tune to these to accelerate your progress.

Bringing It Down To Earth

Ascension Our planet is being prepared for transformation and upliftment to a new frequency of evolution. Worldwide climate is changing that reflects new energy from our Sun. All planets in our solar system are also experiencing new changes. Time itself is speeding up.

Human consciousness is unfolding like a butterfly, awakening from transformational sleep. We know deep within us that we came here with a purpose to experience this shift, to create something new. Now is the time.

Some subjects to be explored:

  • Ascension -- Ascension is not an event, but a process of moving into new consciousness. How our consciousness is developing and what is expected during the coming years.

  • Cosmology -- Overview of the galactic alignment and changes it may bring in 2012 and beyond. Galactic cycles of Ascension and their up-coming completion.

  • Earth History -- The Mayan Calendar and history of human consciousness. The prehistoric heritage of Lemuria and Atlantis.

  • Stabilizing Tools -- Sacred geometry and interdimensional tools for stabilization during energy waves. Octahedron, Tetrahedron, Merkabah, Light Body Work, Infinity Breath and more.

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