Shamanic Physical Exercises
From Various Cultures

Physical Energizing

This is a series of energizing physical exercises from various cultures to enhance your well-being.

Tibetan Five Rites

Energizing and clearing your chakras with the Tibetan Five Rites

5 Rites

June 24, 2009 - Introduction of Tibetan Five Rites.

In 1977, during his world travels, Flint spent one year in India and Nepal studying Tibetan Buddhism with Tibetan Lamas. At that time he witnessed some extraordinary energetic experiences. Later he was given the original book manuscript about the Tibetan exercises called "The Five Rites" by Peter Kelder. Flint really appreciated these and has practiced and taught these Five Rites for many years. Since then, the exercises have spread to many countries through the popularity of the book. Information about these exercises can be easily obtained, but they are best learned with a live teacher to show these simple, empowering exercises that energize and clear your chakric system.

This video shows a good demonstration of the Five Rites, by an anonymous person. There are many interpretations by various Youtube models but this one is authentic.

Youtube Tibetan Five Rites (1, 2 & 3)
Youtube Tibetan Five Rites (4 & 5)

Katsugen Undo and Huna

Katsugen Undo

July 22, 2009 - Total Solar Eclipse - Introduction of Katsugen Undo.

In June, The Tibetan Five Rites brought wonderful results for many people. As a continuation of our "Grounding the Light" series, we held a workshop to experience Huna wisdom through our own body.

Huna teaches us to get in touch with the spirit of our body as an important factor in health. In this workshop we become aware of the connection between body and mind in spontaneous movement through Katsugen Undo which helps to release energy blockages at your own pace.

Illustration by Katsugen Shidonokai
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Magical Passes - Carlos Castenada

Magical Passes

Energizing Shamanic exercises to strengthen energy centers and awarenesss of interdimensional energies.

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