Energy Awareness - Beyond the Physical

energy Spiritual Awakening begins with the realization that we exist and extend beyond the physical body. Becoming aware of our own energy within our body and aura at the subtle level is the goal of this first class of the Energy Series. To use our energy wisely during these changing times helps us to ride new waves of incoming energy that we have never experienced before.

Explore your energy at various levels and understand more of your expressions and possibilities. Several meditations will help you begin to clear and align your own energy. The concepts explained in this first class provide a foundation for further work in the Energy Series. This bilingual workshop was recorded with a live audience.

  • • Overview of 2009 to 2010 and 10 -10 - 10
  • • Spiritual Awakening and Energy Awareness
  • • Becoming aware of your energy bodies
  • • What part of you do you most identify with?
  • • Tuning into several elements in nature
  • • Three selves of consciousness - Mid, Low and Higher self
  • • Alignment of Three Selves
  • • What are you broadcasting to the world?
  • • Meditation - Heart-based awareness, from thinking to knowing
  • • Practice to begin to change your vibration


"... I want to give you an overview of where you have been again today, so you understand that all of this is happening at an energetic level, at a subconscious level, and you are reacting to it usually subconsciously. After we work with these topics, you will become more conscious about what is going on around you and within you. So each of these waves coming in are going to take you down and take you up, and we've been becoming more UP recently and the vibration is increasing and generally people are more uplifted right now at this time.

The waves are going to continue. You are going to be feeling them at deeper levels and conscious level for years to come. So you need to be prepared for them, and learning these energy topics are going to definitely help you of course. Particulary during the summer - July, August - these waves coming in have been pushing you into the realization that you truly are more than just a physical body. "
-- Flint - Sept 20, 2010

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• Color Meditation

• Meditation for grounding to the Earth.

• Meditation to be aware of how you are expressing your energy.

• Meditation to enhance Heart-based awareness.

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• MP3 audio file - Talk - 4 hr 20 min
10 - 10 - 10 Base Camp is included.

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