Clearing Your Wave Form


Identity and relationships from the perspective of spiritual psychology is the main theme of this module.

Learn more about your personal energy field at a subtle level through the concept of your energetic wave form and begin to clear it by examining several empowering themes.

Take responsibility for your own emotions and energy through personal choice and regain your sense of sovereignty. These keys will help to keep your wave form clean.

"Identity as frequency is the sum total of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies broadcast as electronic pulsations." - Bringers of the Dawn - Barbara Marciniak

  • • Your energy bodies and a definition of wave form
  • • Renewing your sense of identity and releasing the old
  • • Evolution of human consciousness as based on the Mayan calendar
  • • Psychological games in the office/family with mechanisms and actual examples
  • • Becoming aware of cultural and traditional influence in our relationships - Japanese"Jo"
  • • Victim Consciousness and Empowerment
  • • Psychosomatic causes of disease
  • • Accepting the beauty of your imperfections
  • • Meditation to begin to change your vibration


"... What we are looking for is an alternative in your mind, that's what I want to present you today, is an alternative to this traditional programmed way of life.

And as we move and progress through these times, especially in the next two years, actually even the next year 2011, 2012 -- you are going to need an alternative. You are going to be actively looking for a new identity.

The things you have relied on all your life in many cases, you might be without them at certain times, not all the time. Or your dependence on them might change -- your sense of NEED is going to change.

So next step, we take another step here. You've accepted that you are broadcasting, and your vibration is interacting with others. So this frequency, this signal, can be measured. And it is how your Higher Self, other Higher Selves know you, is by your frequency -- your specific -- it's not only one, it's kind of a chord -- your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level would be like a chord of sound.

So I am suggesting that this measurement of you contains far more truth than this dependent identity that you have built up through this life. And the only way that we can maintain our sense of stability and happiness is to begin to identify with our wave form, not with our personality."
-- Flint - Sept 20, 2010

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