Reconnect with Your Natural Self

selfworth This talk introduces the Three Selves of consciousness as defined within the Huna knowledge. The presentation covers many highlights for beginners and also for those who would like to deepen their previous learning. Key points include the partnership of inner selves and how to begin to align the mind and feelings as a base to support higher consciousness.

Ways to connect and communicate with deeper, natural self are explored and how to improve awareness of its needs and desires. Curiosity, interest and intuition are also discussed as a key foundation for spirituality.

  • Three Selves of human consciousness and their responsibilities
  • Subconscious awareness and its messages within everyday life
  • Beginning a partnership with your inner selves
  • How spirit experiences through you
  • Feeling and expressing more of your true nature
  • Meditation to open your inner senses and enhance your connection with Spirit

"The Nature of Your Essence is the Essence of the Nature" - Flint


"... This conscious self is a limited self with limited perceptions — limited through traditions, through what other people think, through fears — preventing you from following your intuition. Many of your talents, your skills, your abilities — perhaps you have not explored them through some type of fear or closure. But it's time to bring them up, to express them, to EXPLORE them. Reconnecting with your natural self — your natural self LIKES things. What part of you likes things? That's what we look at next in the meditations, the inner work. What does it feel like when you like things? What type of joy or happiness do you get?" -- Flint

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Enjoy exercising all of your inner senses in nature in this journey that explores the simple beauty of a peaceful place. Relax your mind and experience your connection to healing energies and elements. Allow your deeper self to show you what it likes and needs through its connection to nature, often with some surprising memories.

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