Self-Image, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

Tokyo - January 19, 2010

selfworth This is an era of inner growth, expansion and new challenges. At the core of our greatest personal achievements is sense of self-worth and capability.

When we are feeling unworthy, we hesitate to move forward and we stay where we are. Feeling good about ourselves provides the foundation of intent to move forward and take on our next life adventure.

Spiritual Psychology is discussed during this module to help you understand more about Self and confidence. A guided meditation provides a deeper look at your personal strengths and self image. Choose new qualities and make changes at a deep level on your new path forward.

  • Why it is important to explore our self-worth now.
  • Exercise to clarify your personal vision and direction.
  • What prevents you from knowing your vision and connection with self-worth.
  • Interesting views about fear, talent and ability.
  • Belief systems and self-image and how to change them.
  • Helpful exercises to enhance self-worth and self-esteem.


"... Now that brings us to your personal purpose. And you've been examining this perhaps over these past months. What are you here to do? What did you come to this planet for? And maybe you know deep down inside what that is, but what blocks you from taking that on? Is it something to do with self-worth, self-image or self-esteem?

Your purpose — it may be something you may have forgotten in this wild rush called Life, with all of this social imprinting of civilization. Maybe you came in with some specific talents, specific abilities to express here, to help the Earth at this time, to make a difference at this time." -- Flint

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Inner work to see your self image and begin to change it in this guided meditation to enhance your self-esteem. Awaken your confidence to start creating with your new vision.

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