Honoring Individuality

energy In 2011 more people are beginning to feel their new sense of identity, and a desire to explore and express their unique qualities. Some are wondering, "How can I be more of myself with others? Do I need to diminish my individuality in order to harmonize with a group?"

Many people tend to conform and merge with a group and begin to lose their self-identity. Does the need for approval influence your identity?

This module explores ways to increase confidence in your own individuality and develop a more secure self-identity. Shine more of your unique light while you harmonize with those around you.

  • • Trusting self and a new sense of identity, integrity and individuality
  • • Releasing the need to control self and others
  • • Three selves of consciousness - Mid, Low and Higher self
  • • Being Japanese - How Lemuria and Atlantis influence us now
  • • Exploring dependency and interdependency
  • • The importance of personal choice and preferences
  • • CQ - a new concept from Flint
  • • Opening to more freedom of self as a sovereign being


"... And so we come to this time of growth, where you may be ready to set aside some of these rules and beliefs about yourself. During Christmas time you were learning about this identity and not agreeing 100% with that old identity, wanting to make a shift, to change things around and accept something bigger. At the same time, these energies coming in are activating you at a feeling level and at a conscious level and you are beginning to take on more of the energy of Higher Self. To continue to take on that Higher Self spiritual energy, you need TRUST --- self trust --- trusting in your self.

As we move into this greater part, bringing in more of this spiritual HS consciousness and trusting it more, you begin to push back these curtains of rules and authority in your life --- something disempowering, and become more responsible for your own energy, your own spirit.

And you move into sovereignty. Sovereignty is owning yourself."

-- Flint - January 23, 2011

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• Meditation for integration

• Meditation to find out your preferences

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