New Beginnings for the New Earth

Nara - March 14, 2009

Earth Empowering insights are presented in this talk about our transition from old to new consciousness at the dawn of the New Earth.

You may be hearing more about the New Earth now, as changes in the world become more obvious. In this talk we explore what New Earth means and what is required for us to transit to the New Consciousness, including key words such as empowerment, creativity, relationships and community. Gain new insight into what you are doing now and your new vision by examining several questions being asked in this talk. A new and wider perspective of prayer is also presented.


"... And the sign that you're making progress... how can you tell if you're actually tuning into this stuff? That sign is your own simplicity. You can enjoy something with incredible simplicity. It doesn't take complexity to enjoy things. I think it was Emerson who said, 'The entire universe can be found in a flower.' Something so simple as a stone, a flower, nature, tuning into these things moves you into an interdimensional space where much, much more can be sensed, and the resonance — all of that. So look for simplicity in your life and move towards that — your own sense of presence with simplicity and calming of your mind so that more of Spirit can be felt." -- Flint

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In this meditation you will be guided to clear your energy through Breathing, Light Cleansing and Color Healing. The Pyramid Meditation will help you to balance and ground your energy through tuning into Earth and Sky. Explore new insights about your New Earth vision with sacred geometry in this imaginative meditation.

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