WS September 2007 brings a refreshing new energy, with new choices available. Our consciousness is rapidly evolving and awakening. You may be feeling the symptoms of change within you at several levels.

Reconnecting to Your Natural Self -- This one-day workshop is an introduction to the deeper mechanisms of consciousness, healing and the world of Spirit. Healers and explorers, and those interested in the spiritual arts will value this knowledge to enhance their journey.

In this first of a series of workshops offered by Awakening Arts Lyceum, a description of the deeper mind and its potentials will be explored. Keys will be offered to develop connections to deeper self and inner abilities to help your self and others.

Some subjects to be explored:

  • The Quantum Leap in Consciousness and the New Energy
  • What's happening to our minds and bodies now. The awakening of higher
    consciousness and the symptoms you may be experiencing
  • The three aspects of human consciousness - Mid Self, Low Self, High Self
  • Keys to strengthen your connection with Spirit
  • Understanding the deeper and higher levels of self and how to empower your physical health, and emotional, mental and spiritual well- being
  • Exploring your natural healing abilities to help yourself and others
  • Meditations to enhance your inner world and exploration

This knowledge is both ancient and contemporary, derived from Huna, Resonance, Shamanic studies and spiritual sources that are important at this time of awakening New Consciousness on Earth.

This is a personal study opportunity. We invite you to explore your inner world and enhance your spiritual progress using your imagination and creative power. No memberships, no requirements. Just You and Nature and Spirit.

Facilitator: Flint Flintoft is a shamanic explorer, transition guide, healing practitioner and teacher. He has introduced and supported many teachings throughout Japan over the past 25 years. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he teaches a variety of spiritual awakening modalities while continuing his active healing practice. Flint shares valuable insights and experience from inner spirit and outer global travel during these expansive workshops.

Date: Sunday, Sept 16, 2007
From 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Place: Tomakomai, "Arten"

Fee: 15,000 yen

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