Tenkawa Nature Retreat

Creating Sanctuary Within

April 29, 30, May 1, 2009
Tenkawa, Nara

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WS The tranquility of a green mountain village with crystal clear water and fresh forest air is calling during Golden Week. We invite you to our Nature Retreat in Tenkawa, Nara, one of the greatest sacred sites in Japan.

During this refreshing nature retreat , we take time to calm our minds and expand our awareness. By tuning into nature and self, our perception can broaden and our connection to nature and spirit can be more profoundly understood.

As your daily awareness expands, your inter-dimensional perception and abilities can also be uncovered. Practice in nature is one of the best ways to begin this adventure with Inner Self that waits to show you more.

In this Tenkawa retreat, we will explore the new relationship with Spirit by shining the light of awareness on our old beliefs and rituals in order to update our understanding and reconnection.

What do we seek at sacred sites? What goes through our mind and feelings when we are praying at a shrine? How does a shrine reflect our own spirituality? This empowerment retreat will examine this theme by asking ourselves these questions and sharing with others. You will be guided by an facilitator who has rich experience within the World of Spirit and the world where shamans work.

We look forward to a relaxed time with friends and spirit, great organic meals, nature walks and the beauty of this very special place.

In this retreat we will explore:

  • What's happening within our minds, bodies and spirit now
  • Perceiving the world through Shaman's eyes
  • Communicating with nature through interdimensional awareness
  • Shamanic, inter-dimensional insight into shrine ritual
  • Moving from objective worship to self empowerment
  • Inner Journeys to build your own internal spiritual sanctuary

This knowledge is both ancient and contemporary, derived from Huna, Resonance, Shamanic studies and spiritual sources that are important at this time of awakening New Consciousness on Earth. What you learn and practice here will help you to surf the shifting waves of energy we are experiencing on Earth at this time.

Facilitator: Flint Flintoft is a transition guide, shamanic explorer, healing practitioner and teacher. He has introduced and supported many teachings throughout Japan over the past 25 years. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he teaches a variety of spiritual awakening modalities while continuing his active healing practice. Flint shares valuable insights and experience from inner spirit and outer global travel during these expansive workshops.

Date: April 29, 30, May 1, 2009
From 29th - 3:00 pm to 1st - 3:00 pm

Place: Nara, Yoshino, Tenkawa

Fee: 28,000 yen
Early Payment before April 15th - 26,000 yen
+ Accommodation 16.000 yen 2 nights including 4 meals.
Please ask about partial attendance.

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