New Horizons

October 2010, with the portal date of 10-10-10 is a time of renewal. Uplifting new energies are now flowing to the Earth that can be felt around the planet. We will gather at Megamiyama in Nagano to awaken New Visions for the New Earth in this abundant harvest season. Take time to step back, take a deep breath and take a look at the path you are on. You can make course adjustments that will benefit your journey. It's time to begin to consciously co-create your future with the help of new energy, new insights and new choices.

What is New Earth?

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A feeling of something new is just on the horizon. Intuition and emotions are stirring, as old points of reference are making way for something new that is awakening from deep within. Many people are beginning to feel a new level of consciousness that is being birthed, including new mental, emotional and physical sensations. Now is the time to clarify and nurture your new vision for the future which will be welcomed more than ever.

What is your New Vision?

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A Personal Vision Quest

Begin a personal Vision Quest during this retreat by calming your mind and connecting with nature through shamanic awareness. By attuning with natural energies, your perception of self can broaden and your connection to nature and spirit can be more profoundly understood. Your Natural Self can awaken and reveal perspectives and potentials to help you clear a new path forward. You will have the opportunity to make new choices, decisions and commitments that suit your vision for the future.

Does Your Path Have a Heart?

The Heart is the center of spiritual awareness, the seat of the soul, where inner balance and personal growth can find its foundation and home. Heart-based awareness is a key for moving from thinking to knowing. This sense of knowing and trust is the beginning of vision and the awakening of inner skills to navigate the future.

In this retreat we will explore:

  • Heart Vision Quest in Nature
  • Perceiving the world through the Shaman's Eyes
  • Communicating with nature through interdimensional awareness
  • Moving from Mind to Heart
  • Aligning your energy during these changing times
  • Inner Journeys to awaken your Heart Vision
  • Being the change you want to see in the world.

We look forward to creating this refreshing weekend together with friends and spirit in the beauty of this special place. Organic meals here are fantastic and nature is spectacular at the foot of the Japan Alps. Megamiyama is protected from most electromagnetic disturbances, providing a clear and peaceful environment to explore within. Join us in sharing the abundance of the Earth, gathering warm memories and taking time to create the future vision you want to experience.

Feel good about yourself. Make this life an empowering adventure where your dreams and potential really do come true.

Awakening Arts Retreat

Bring your sketch book or notebook to express your creativity and to record your inner process.

This knowledge is both ancient and contemporary, derived from Huna, Resonance, Shamanic practices and spiritual sources that are important at this time of awakening New Consciousness on Earth. What you learn and practice here will help you to surf the shifting waves of energy we are experiencing on our planet at this time.


Facilitator: Flint Flintoft is a transition guide, shamanic explorer, healing practitioner and teacher. He has introduced and supported many teachings throughout Japan over the past 25 years. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he teaches a variety of spiritual awakening modalities while continuing his active healing practice. Flint shares valuable insights and experience from inner spirit and outer global travel during these expansive workshops.

Date: October 22, 23, 24, 2010
From 22th - 2:00 pm to 24th - 2:00 pm

Place: Nagano - Bessho Onsen
Megamiyama Life Center

Fee: 50,000 yen (2 nights and 6 meals)
Early Payment before Sept 30th - 47,000 yen
Ask about partial participation.
Please contact us for reservation details »

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