Kumano Nature Retreat


Sept 24, 25, 26, 2009

WS "In ancient Japanese, "Kumano" means a deep or profound place, indicating a mystical place or one where a deity exists. From prehistoric times until the present, the Kumano area was, and still is, considered a place of healing; a sacred, mystical abode of the gods." -- JNTO

The Southern Kii mountains of Wakayama hold many mysteries. The cloud-hidden valleys and peaks resonate with unseen 'mononoke' energies of nature. Ancient shrines and pilgrimage paths are sites of Japan's spiritual culture that has endured for thousands of years.

Our Autumn Nature Retreat will center around Kumano-Hongu Taisha Shrine and Tamaki Shrine, two of the oldest and most respected pilgrimage sites in Japan. These shrines have inspired journeys for personal renewal for centuries and continue to maintain their spiritual power.


Our inner work during this retreat will connect with nature, spirit and new energies that will be increasing on the planet at this time. Special meditations and shamanic exercises will help you to discover more about your inner Light and internal guidance. Like a snake shedding its skin, you will be invited to shed old beliefs about yourself and the world at your own pace, and emerge with a refreshed sense of self and renewed direction. Enjoy your journey with good friends in this relaxing and supportive setting. Leave behind the old, and set your new path of rejuvenation.

New Energy Coming Now

The Kii mountains have been identified by Archangel Metatron as an area of Japan that will be balancing new energy for this sector of the planet at this time, along with the Shang Po Mountains in China. Both are known for their Sacred Dragon myths and as centers of natural power.

Each person's experience will be unique as a participant in the new crystalline emergence energies. As a human bridge, your vision for the New Earth will be an important addition to the retreat purpose and practices.

In this retreat we will explore:

  • Perceiving the world through Shaman's eyes
  • Moving from mind to heart-based perception
  • Communicating with nature through interdimensional awareness
  • Power animals and internal guidance
  • Shamanic underworld quest to help clear fear and limitation
  • Working with Crystalline Energies to clarify and empower your personal vision
  • Igniting your fire of creativity

Bring your sketchbook or notebook to express your creativity and to record your inner process.

This knowledge is both ancient and contemporary, derived from Huna, Resonance, Shamanic practices and spiritual sources that are important at this time of awakening New Consciousness on Earth. What you learn and practice here will help you to surf the shifting waves of energy we are experiencing on Earth at this time.

Facilitator: Flint Flintoft is a transition guide, shamanic explorer, healing practitioner and teacher. He has introduced and supported many teachings throughout Japan over the past 25 years. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he teaches a variety of spiritual awakening modalities while continuing his active healing practice. Flint shares valuable insights and experience from inner spirit and outer global travel during these expansive workshops.

Date: Sept 25, 26, 27, 2009
From 25th - 2:00 pm to 27th - 3:00 pm

Place: Wakayama, Kumano-Hongu

Fee: 43,000 yen
Early Payment before Sept 11th - 40,000 yen
including 2 nights and 4 meals.
Please ask about partial attendance.

Please contact us for reservation details »

Kumano-Hongu Taisha Shrine, Kumano Kodo, Tamaki Shrine (built 37 B.C.) All three are World Heritage sites.

Aerial views of Oyunohara, the original Kumano-Hongu Shrine site until a flood in 1890.

Kumano-Hongu Map
Kumano-Hongu History -- JNTO

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