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Sometimes we need help to guide our physical body out of tension and back to its natural state of comfort. Awakening Bodywork realigns the body physically and energetically to improve posture, stimulate natural energy pathways, and renew well-being in body, mind and spirit.

A combination of techniques is used to balance the flow of vital life-force energy, including cranial-sacral alignment, deep tissue clearing, myofascial release, lomi-lomi, chakra balancing, and ancient healing methods.

  • Relieve pain and exhaustion due to physical trauma and emotional stress.
  • Improve internal organ functions, digestion and circulation.
  • Correct spine and posture problems.
  • Relieve tension-induced stress blockages.
  • Improve clarity, concentration and evening sleep.
  • Feel a deeper connection to your own spirit and daily life!

Awakening Bodywork is also effective therapeutic treatment for :

• Whiplash Injury
• Tension Migraine
• Athletic Muscular Strain
• Post-Surgery Tissue Realignment

Experience lasting relief and corrective balance with focused treatment
for specific problems. Many satisfied clients over many years.

Each session: 2 hours

"It was amazing that the state of being I had been suffering for 4 years could be improved by these two sessions. I am really thankful. I feel my condition was related to tension which I think is also the cause of other disease."


Noticeable results after one session of Awakening Bodywork are shown here:
  • Improved posture and structural alignment in the neck, shoulders, upper chest, lower back and abdomen.
  • Energetically more alert with refreshed inner vitality.
  • A more comfortable sense of balance, alignment and poise.
Sessions release deep patterns of tension and blocked energy caused by stress and trauma, poor posture or physical injury. A set of three sessions are recommended to enhance improvements throughout the body.
Before and After
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Photo shows first session results for one individual. Your results may vary according to your particular condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a bodywork session proceed?

A: To begin, your entire body will be energetically scanned to locate problem areas. Bodywork involves assisting you to become aware of tension patterns held in the body that you may be carrying unconsciously. The session work will clear tension both physically and energetically, guiding your body to release these defense structures at an intuitive and sensitive level at your own pace. Some patterns are more deeply held than others. You will become aware of your own patterns and your level of acceptance and clearing.

At times, you may fall asleep as you feel the tension releasing. At other times there may be some physical discomfort in areas where deeper tension is being stored. The work is always gentle, and often firm, to help you release historical body patterns.

Q: What's the difference between this bodywork and massage?

A: Massage, depending on the technique, is often limited to a pleasant release of surface muscle tension. The main focus of this work is at a deep tissue level with specific goals of physical and energetic alignment. The result is a more permanent change in posture that is reflected in the way you carry your body without effort, with increased flexibility and vitality.

Q: How will this physical work affect my mental and emotional state?

A: "Seeds of Irritation" are stored as tension, pain and uncomfortable patterns in the body that trigger states of mental and emotional negativity. Most people refer to these seeds semi-consciously throughout the day as a measure of their well-being, or not-so-well-being. As these seeds are removed, you'll discover a refreshing sense of health, calmness, poise and confidence that is part of your inner power, natural expression and energy.

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