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Some general questions and interests are listed below to help you navigate the Sessions section.

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Q: Which session is the best to begin with?

A: We recommend Heart Clearing as an excellent beginning session.

Q: What is the difference between Heart Clearing and Bodywork?

A: A Heart Clearing session will focus mainly on the upper front of the body to include most of the main chakras. Bodywork sessions include all of the body. Some Heart Clearing is also included in most Bodywork sessions.

Q: How many Bodywork sessions should I take?

A: You'll appreciate the shift in your energy after one session. Three sessions are recommended for long-lasting alignment of your body. An annual tune-up is also enjoyed by many to stay in top condition.

Q: What is the difference between Inner Journey and Guidelight?

A: An Inner Journey session is a shorter, simpler session than GuideLight. This is an excellent starter session for newcomers to this style of inner exploration.

Q: I'm interested in various sessions listed here. Is there a way I can try several at once?

A: Several session modalities can be integrated upon your request. Combining different modalities is a popular way to release tension, relax and explore. Session time can be arranged according to your needs.

Counseling + Heart Clearing + Crystalline Alignment -- 2.5 hr
Counseling + Body Work + Inner Journey -- 3.0 hr

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