Past and Present Life Clearing with Your Spiritual Source
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GuideLight sessions are profoundly deep spiritual explorations within the subconscious, directed by your Higher Divine Self, or Guardian Angel.

In your sessions you will be assisted into an expanded state of consciousness, where you will be able to access your superconscious memory, the higher dimensions of your soul-self, and specific events related to your own self-exploration, personal growth and healing.

Healing the Past

This inner work is a multi-dimensional and multi-incarnational healing experience of your deepest self. You are able to retrieve, embrace and heal bits of your psyche that may be frozen in time by emotional or physical trauma and release that healed energy into your current reality. Images can be viewed and experiences can be re-lived to extract their deeper meaning and essential lessons, to accelerate your own process, expansion and direction.

To experience and understand the causes of reaction, shock, and fear in your life allows you to begin to release these age-old patterns. We unravel the weavings of beliefs, habits, karma -- the consequences of actions -- and patterns which have held and confined you in repetitive behaviors. This unraveling allows you to understand, change and heal yourself at your core essence of being.

Make New Choices with Soul Guidance

GuideLight will help you to discover how you, as a soul, have chosen and lived your own incarnate path right up to the present moment. You will understand your choices, and how they have served to bring you to be exactly who you are now. Your decisions about your self and life may seem to have been negative or unconscious at times, and you will have the chance to make other, more informed, appropriate and conscious choices.

Explore and become clear about decisions that you have made and beliefs you have formed about yourself and the world in early childhood and in previous lives. By understanding and clearing these semi-conscious blocks and patterns you can begin to interact with life to your full potential.

  • Clear recurring patterns
  • Heal relationship issues
  • Work with the inner child
  • Clear fear and power issues
  • Balance inner male and female energies
  • Release the inner judge
  • Locate hidden talents
  • Clear your path to intuition
  • Learn to channel your Higher Self

GuideLight is offered in sets of 2 or 4 sessions, scheduled as close as possible.
Please see following FAQ.

Each session: 4 hours

GuideLight will help you to recognize your own inner truth and highest potential
by consciously connecting you with your inner guidance — your Divine Self.

A Personal Message from Flint

Dear Friend,

Throughout our lives, we have lessons to learn and inner-self work to be done. GuideLight will give you the opportunity to accelerate your own process, through expansion and exploration, while in communion with your Higher Self. These sessions are special occasions, when all parts of your Self can consciously meet, energies can be exchanged, and deeper understanding and realizations can be found. This personal soul knowledge is then reflected in your outer life.

Your Higher Divine Self not only knows all about you, but also understands and accepts everything about you. It respects the challenges that you face along your path, as a part of your growth process. It encourages you through inspiration, leading you unerringly onward — when you are willing to ask, and willing to listen.

In your sessions you will be assisted into a state of consciousness that is very similar to a dream state, where images can be viewed and experiences re-lived to extract their deeper meaning and essential lessons. You may choose to spend much of your session reviewing your present life, as it relates to your childhood, and the people and circumstances that you are involved with. At other times, you may be led to review past existences, in order to learn where your present tendencies originated.

This work involves clearing your emotional self of denials and energetic blocks that you may be unconsciously carrying, due to choices and decisions that you have made. A denial is generally something that you resisted or would not accept, due to your own set of circumstances at the time. Your emotional memory is still a result of those decisions, even now, and may be inhibiting the flow of your energy and true expression.

At all times you will be guided by your Higher Self's influence, to view that which you need to view at the present time, and solve issues in ways that are perfect for you, personally. You will be given what you need to know, and are willing to accept, in order to understand your next steps forward.

May you always be guided by Light on your Path.


The ultimate intention is to blend the heart, mind, emotions and physical body
into a balanced, harmonious spiritual Being.

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