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An Inner Journey session will guide you to examine your inner world in a conscious state, helping you to understand your current approach to life, to find deeper self-connection and a view forward.

Through deep relaxation and guided imagery, a deeper level of self can open to exploration and discovery. Your expanded perception will help you to understand more about your inner relationships, current attitudes and your approach to life. Beliefs can begin to change and you can move forward with new insights and encouragement.

This single session is recommended as an excellent introduction to personal spiritual exploration and for those who want to examine a specific question or issue at this inner level.

  • Discover the reasons for the way you feel, through inner exploration.
  • Understand inner blocks, emotional issues, and physical health challenges.
  • Improve clarity of daily awareness and deeper self-connection.
  • Renew inner energy that leads to happier self-expression and well-being.

Each session: 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does an Inner Journey session differ from GuideLight?

A: An Inner Journey session is a shorter, simpler session than GuideLight. This is an excellent starter session for newcomers to this style of inner exploration.

Various symbols and dream-level images are explored to strengthen your relationship with Inner Self, also known as Low Self. This inner mind maintains your physical body, health, memory, beliefs and emotional reactions. As this link to Inner Mind becomes stronger and more familiar, the intuitive link to Higher Self opens more easily.

Q: I've had trouble meditating. In fact, I usually fall asleep when I try to meditate. Will this session help?

A: An Inner Journey is a practical approach to deeper levels of inner mind. Even if you've never meditated before, you'll find this session a wonderful place to begin your inner exploration. Everything you need to go deeper will be provided, including special guidance. Conflicts can be cleared that may be preventing you from going deeper in your meditation, and the Inner Journey experience will help you to return to that level on your own.

Q: I've had chronic health problems for years. How can these sessions help?

A: Inner conflict and separation from our own source of natural health often results in disease. Many people have understood the deeper cause of their health problems after exploring their relationship with Inner Self. When these inner conflicts have been resolved, energies can flow again and health problems can disappear as their cause no longer exists.

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