Preparing for Your Session - FAQ

Q: What should I wear during the session?

You will be lying on a comfortable massage table under a sheet and blanket for the entire session. Please bring:

*A white or light-colored T-shirt. (no raised graphics or heavy ink on the chest)
*Loose-fitting pyjama pants or shorts. (optional)

Q: What about eating and drinking?

Eat only lightly before the sessions with no tea or coffee.

Please — no alcohol 24 hours prior to GuideLight and Inner Journey sessions.

Q: What is recommended after a session?

You are recommended to be quiet and alone in a stress-free place for at least a few hours following your session.

Increase your water intake for at least two days after your session. Extra Vitamin C in any form is also welcome as a cleanser and immune system enhancer.

A hot bath including apple cider vinegar or sea salt is highly recommended. This helps tremendously with toxins which are moving out of the system after a session.

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