Megamiyama Summer
Nature Retreat

Heart Vision
Opening the Inner Door

August 8, 9, 10, 2008
Megamiyama, Nagano

Retreat Report

2008- Aug 8 (8-8-8) We began a heavenly three day nature retreat near Nagano at Megamiyama (Goddess Mountain). Bessho Onsen station is at the foot of the mountain, not far from Ueda city.
A wonderful large cottage in the woods! The seminar room takes up the whole second floor, with huge windows to enjoy beautiful green mountain scenery. The owners really know how to care for their guests.
Meals on the terrace were magnificent, surrounded by the woods, with a light breeze and sunshine. A great place to enjoy breakfast and lunch each day.
Lunch! Eating natural meals with homegrown vegetables from the center's garden was truly a treat.
An open-air Awakening Arts Lyceum class. We learned about New Consciousness, Spirit, and Personal Alignment. By the third day, each member had decided on a direction, creating a new vision for their future.
Resonance practice in the forest, learning to tune into all of life in the woods. The rhythm of cicadas, the mountain greenery and the puffy white August clouds were memorable healing forces.
We returned just in time from the forest as a huge thunderstorm began, including hail. A great time doing our rain dance as lightening and thunder struck directly above us!
A summer shower for these free spirits... singing and dancing in the rain!
Thanks to all the members who gathered for 8-8-8, and the Spirit of Nature that shared our heart visions and dreams!

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