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Creating Sanctuary Within

April 29, 30, May 1 2009
Tenkawa, Nara

Tenkawa Retreat Report

by Noriko

This is a Tenkawa Holy place map. According to the local villager, as the shrine is located at the bottom of the conical-shaped valley, all of the sound being played in the shrine including mantra chanting emanates a special sound effect for the whole village .
Isuzu - Combination of Golden and Silver Bells at the shrine entrance. Enjoy listening to the sound of the Shinto priest chanting mantra below.

left The retreat focused on new approaches to Divinity to replace old spiritual attitudes. In order to create a new relationship with our Divinity we must first become aware of our current approach and beliefs. This temple flyer became a visual reminder for us during the retreat, of an age-old traditional approach. On the second day, a sunbeam shone exactly on the person in the picture, touching the Buddha's feet. The higher consciousness of "Living Light" will replace old idols and symbols during the New Era.
Tenkawa's famous Giant Ginko (Icho) tree, filled with life force energy in spring, the season of new growth. We could see many tiny new leaves! This tree is huge.
Climbing up the hill where "Idaten" is enshrined. We could feel the energy from the Earth, bringing an interesting warmth through our body. According the map above, the magnetic energy from the Earth emanates from this hill and the electric energy from the heaven arrives on the other mountain which is called Funaoka - the hill of the ship.
Happy time to enjoy wonderful meals, especially after enjoying nature and the onsen hotsprings. We appreciated the artistic presentation of each dish filled with caring energy. Community sharing with friends during meals enriched our retreat time.
We went wading in the river on the third day during our nature work. Look at the big mysterious rock behind me. Great purification in Ten-no-kawa - The River of Heaven.
Beautiful cherry blossoms at Nancho Kurokigosho ato -- a beautiful park space behind Tenkawa shrine. We enjoyed dancing , physical exercise, Earth energies and incredibly bright sunshine here. We spent a lot of time here -- a good place where we can feel what "sanctuary" means .

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