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May 4, 5, 6, 2007
Mt. Fuji

During Golden Week in 2007, May 4, 5, 6 we enjoyed a wonderful three day nature retreat beside Yamanaka-ko at Mont et Lac Pension and Cottage.
We could spend lots of time outside for nature work, as clear weather was on our side. There was a forest behind our cottage, a nice quiet location best for our work. Let's enter the woods!
Learning to converse with the forest, flowers and plants. The freshness and vitality of Spring could be felt everywhere.
Cleansing and refreshing using natural trees. Great for the aura!
Meditation at Yamanaka-ko. The water there was so gentle.
And magnificent Mt. Fuji! I felt goddess-like dignified gentle energy.
Memorable time to enjoy home made meals. Koso-genmai (fermented special genmai) and pickled vegetable, tofu-hamburger, soup and salad, fruits. Happy moment to enjoy meals together in a sunny dining room in the log cabin.
Fantastic barbeque on the terrace. We could eat and eat! Yakisoba for dessert. The honey mustard was great wasn't it!
If you ask the right questions, you can get the right answers, sometimes even more than you expected. I could feel that saying deeply throughout all three days. Everyone's passion to learn motivated the lecture and practices to continue even after mid-night.
On the 3rd day, rain brought a gentle atmosphere to our cottage classroom. We closed the three days with a ritual to light the flame within us. It will keep our light of friendship and empowerment shining forever!


Thank you for the retreat. I really enjoyed it and I feel awakened. I think my consciousness has changed so much. I had realized so when I went to the office next day. It was enjoyable being in the office, like I was in wonderland, I never felt like this before. The way I talk and see others is different. I rediscovered the new feeling toward certain people though I meet them everyday. Also the way people treat me has changed I think. There are much more chances I say thank you and being said thank you from people now. I am really enjoying everyday life.

I really appreciate Flint-san and Noriko-san. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to meeting you again at the workshop and sessions. In the meantime, I'm reviewing the notes I took during the retreat.

E.H. - Chiba


Thank you for the retreat. The movie was also wonderful. We are cool like shamans! I appreciate Mt. Fuji, lake, wind, birds, sun, compassionate rain, warm heart of everybody, and the chance I could meet all of you. After the retreat my body naturally seeks for tuning into nature. I go to the park near my house everyday to talk with the trees. I went to both Shinjyuku-gyoen and Furukawa-park in a day yesterday. I went to the mountain the other day and walked slowly and sometimes stopped to tune into the vibration of wind, tree, leaves, insects, and sound of water.

M.T. - Tokyo

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