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DH Relax at home and receive healing support to ease specific physical symptoms or clear confusion and depression.


After you have done so much good for my elderly mother I decided to have a treatment with you too. Thank you for this wonderful distant healing. I felt it very clearly. Also my veil of depression could clear up around me.

I could hear my intestine "murmur" and the energy in my "hara" move . Soon I could feel my eyes opening wide and it felt like a veil was taken from my sight - everything looked brighter. I must have felt every zone that was worked on and the energy flowing again through the blockages I was very well aware of having. My head was refreshed and my body wanted to make movements to expand out of the habitual range, leaving me more flexible.

After 45 minutes I felt the energy brake, then take on again in a different way. This makes me convinced that there is more to work on to feel my best and discover new levels of body and mind consciousness. Thank you Flint. You are the best!

-- C.B. - Zurich, Switzerland


I feel relaxed now. I understand how much tension I had held for a long time. But now the tension in my body has gone. During the session I felt a pressure on the pit of my stomach and I was wondering why I felt pressure here. And I was surprised that you pointed out about this part later. Such a mysterious feeling! Thank you very much!

-- T.T.- Yamanashi


Thank you so much for working with me. Things are much better for me these days. I do feel lighter and bright and it's like I have earned some trust towards life and people around me.
Brightness is what I felt I was showered under during the last part of our session. At the beginning it was somehow difficult to relax, but soon I let my self into what was happening. I think I fell asleep a few times for a few seconds but then I was awake again and every time the imaginary scenery I was in was becoming brighter and brighter. It was like I was walking inside the scenery following a path from darkness to light.
I feel much better indeed, lighter and able to see a clear picture, concerning things around me. I also have this feeling of the beginning of spring after our session. Something is changing for sure and for the better.

-- L.S. - Athens, Greece


Thank you for your Distant Healing. I was really impressed though I can't find the right words to express this feeling. At first, I felt a comfortable pressure around my kidney area as if somebody was actually doing Shiatsu for me. It reminded me how cold my body was. In the middle of the session I really felt comfortable because my body was embraced by warmth. I felt tingling on the back of my left foot and from there warm energy was coming in. After that my first chakra was tingling with energy and third chakra was like prickly pins and needles and negative ideas and energies were being released from my heart continuously. Finally, I felt the brow area pulsating, then bright light was shining through me. I was feeling the wave of light coming and going repeatedly so I was deeply moved. It was amazing. Thank you so much and thank you also for the email advice you gave me later. I really appreciate this warmth and light and I think I will live today with such a precious feeling.

-- Y.I. - Hokkaido


It was amazing really... It started off literally with a bang -- a headache -- but it quickly went away. I knew it was due to energy. I felt many different things. I felt a deep clearing and a great grounding afterwards that of course is still continuing. I felt an awakening or a clearing of many points in the body, definitely in the chest and heart chakra area. The clarity today has been amazing and I definitely feel like I raised up a few levels closer to what I dream as a point to feel clear and at peace, smoothly functioning and getting myself back to my center and truth.

-- A.P. - Kawasaki


Thank you very much for sharing your precious time for me though it was a sudden request. Honestly speaking, before you did the session, I almost felt more dead than alive. I was filled with anxiety and fear that I might fall into deep darkness, without any reason. But after the session I had a little snooze and woke up at 2:30 am. I felt my heart was softened and mild. I felt warmth like I was wrapped by something and noticed there was almost no fear that I had been feeling before. And later I read your mail and felt appreciation and got courage because I could be reassured that there exists something watching over me. Thanks to you, I could have a feeling that I can challenge again without doubting the future. I really, really appreciate this. Thank you so much.

-- M.K. - Nagoya


I feel my mother is in better positive energy, thanks to your help. During her Distant Healing session she woke up and went to the garden to give some water to the flowers. The day after she told me she was more relaxed in mind and good body conditions. Thank you and Aloha!

-- A.V. - Italy


I would like to thank you for making such a big difference with your Distant Healing. If only more people would know about its potential. How much could be prevented and how much could be eased.... When I needed help recently I was amazed. After the treatment on my hip, I was in a wonderful balance and moved with much more lightness. My body felt more alert and firmer and I felt happier, ready to make positive changes.
What continues to impress me is, that my tooth whose roots felt loose is now fitting tight and feels strong. I feel real joy, each day and each time I realize it by remembering how it felt before. My dentist was amazed and can now work on the crown, with a better stable base.
I believe that energy healing sessions like this are very precious, as they can kick-start a change into a good direction and lift us out of the gray cloud of disease and negativity. Thank you!

-- C.B. - Paris


During the Distant Healing, I felt the energy in my left arm, shoulder joint and muscles of the upper arm and the thumb. I usually have to use these parts carefully for 2-3 days. However I feel at a different level that I'm making gradual improvements. I felt a clearing on both sides of my head and body. As a result, the tension I felt before has decreased and I now feel significantly better. My sincere thanks.

-- L.B. - Switzerland


My wrist and arm can now move without pain after Distant Healing. My neck pain is gone and I can sleep at night without pain for the first time.

-- E.M. - Hokkaido


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