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IJ An Inner Journey session will guide you to examine your inner world in a conscious state, helping you to understand your current approach to life, to find deeper self-connection and a view forward.


Thank you for your recent session. After that day I am completely light. I had an anxiety that, "Am I all right as I am?" before the session. But now I have a feeling that I am all right. I want to continue to try your sessions.

-- T.T. - Tokyo


Thank you for the Inner Journey Session. Finally I could understand and clear the gloomy feeling I had carried for a long time inside of my body.
During the session, when I remembered when I was in the 3rd and 4th grade of elementary school, I said, "That's it!" to myself. I didn't like my teacher at school, but I didn't allow myself to hate others especially my teacher at that time. So I tried not to feel my true feeling.
When I understood about this experience, I was amazed that my tummy-intestine started to move, even made a sound during the session. I felt warmth and kindness around there. And the stable calm feeling still continues. Wonderfully I also feel my heart is opening little by little now. (I even had little pain there.) I am so happy that I could clear this issue now to start a new cycle of my life.

-- N.F. - Tokyo


Thank you for the Inner Journey session. My husband told me when he met me after the session, "I was surprised to see your shining eyes!" My husband never said things like that before!
After that I felt like cleaning my room. When my husband took your sessions, he also started to clear the house. I wondered why? Because he was not good at cleaning or organizing before. Now I understand the reason. I think the condition of the room might reflect the condition of the mind of person who lives there. As the session helps us to clean many things mentally, we also feel like throwing away material things in actual life. I want to take another session soon!

-- Y.S.- Kanagawa


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