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GL Explore yourself -- know thyself. That greater part, that understands everything about you, is waiting to communicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

* GuideLight is offered in sets of 2 or 4 sessions, scheduled as close as possible. Each session lasts approximately 4 hours.

* Focus on and become clear about the issues that you would like to work with prior to your sessions. Write down your questions. Your motivation to do your inner work and your level of self acceptance will be a key to your insights.

* Please — no alcohol 24 hours prior to sessions. Eat only lightly before the sessions with no tea or coffee.

* You will be lying on a massage table under a blanket, for greatest comfort and to facilitate the energy and bodywork aspects. Please bring a white or light-colored T-shirt and loose-fitting pyjama pants or shorts.

* Plan to spend the time after sessions alone, or at least in relaxation, in order to integrate the session work. You will be asked to independently aid your own healing process with mineral baths and writing. An apple cider vinegar or sea salt soak is highly recommended. This helps tremendously with toxins which are moving out of the system after a session.

* Writing, as "homework", is a special part of integrating the deep changes that are taking place and you are encouraged to give yourself as much space as needed to complete your own inner process.

Q: How does a session proceed?

A: We begin with a counseling interview where we review your life highlights, family connections, the theme of your session, and the questions you have listed.

You'll be guided to a relaxed state of consciousness where you can interact with your inner world to view images and events and report on them. You'll be alert and aware, and yet deeply relaxed and exploring on your own with encouraging guidance. Various levels of awareness will be approached to accomplish the inner work and answer your questions for each session. We will review the session to conclude after you return to normal consciousness.

Q: Can anybody connect with their Higher Self?

A: Everyone has a Higher Self, without exception. For some people, it takes time to trust their own imagery and learn the difference between self-generated, conscious imagination and that which comes from deep within. Early sessions will focus on developing your inner trust and connections. Every session is overlighted by Higher Self.

Q: How will Higher Self answer my questions?

A: Higher Self operates beyond thinking, in a world of Knowing. In a flash of insight or an image, it can reveal the answers you seek to your unique life circumstances, for you personally.

One purpose of GuideLight is to practice channeling your Self — clearing your path to Higher Self consciousness, to receive your own messages. This allows more trust of your intuition even after the sessions, in daily life.

Q: Are these sessions focused on past lives?

A: No, not usually. We recognize that you have had hundreds, even thousands of past lives. During your GuideLight session you will likely be shown several of those lives that have a bearing on your current theme and your current questions. However your current life childhood could also be just as important as any of your past. And decisions made in the past can be changed today with new understanding. We are more interested in your current reality and the inner work that needs to be done with the exclusive guidance of Higher Self — the one that understands everything about you.

Q: What changes can I expect from this work?

A: Each person is different with a very personal process. Some changes are felt immediately, however personal realizations often continue for months after the sessions. Most people have noticeably changed their approach to life, and are moved to do something quite new in their lives following their sessions. Many small shifts and insights lead to bigger life decisions and changes.

No guarantees are made, just observations of new clarity, confidence, happiness and sense of adventure among clients. This is not surprising after being in touch with Higher Self — it's a whole new outlook on life! You are never alone, you have a partner you can trust.

Q: Are there any rules regarding the session schedule?

A: We recommend taking the first and second sessions as close as possible, within one week. The first session is an orientation for the deeper following sessions, so it's best to take Session Two as soon as possible, to maintain your inner connection.

You can take a break before the following third and fourth sessions although four sessions are considered as one unit. All four sessions are recommended to view various aspects of your current reality and complete your inner work and practice.

Single follow-up sessions can be taken anytime after the 4th session, and many people continue with periodic explorations when new life questions come up, due to the clarity of messages they receive during their GuideLight sessions.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask?

A: ANYTHING can be asked. Below is a list of some of the actual subjects people have inquired about during their sessions. This by no means an exhaustive list but is provided for your reference to help you form your own questions. Please note that the list is divided into positive and negative, however the points are not listed as opposites left to right.

Achievement Addictions
Affection Aggression
Alignment Anger
Appreciation Apathy
Approval Attitudes
Balance Authority
Being Myself Avoidance
Command Being Hard on Myself
Communication Being Nice
Communion Beliefs
Confidence Betrayal
Connection Blame
Courage Boundary Violations
Creativity Childhood Issues
Deserving Codependency
Direction Confusion
Discipline Control/Loss of Control
Empowerment Criticism
Energy Death/Bereavement
Expectation Depression
Expressing Love Destruction
Focus Entanglements
Forgiveness Excesses
Freedom Failure
Growth Fear
Guidance Force
Happiness Frustration
Harmony Guardedness
Healing Guilt
Heart Hardness/Softness
Honesty Hate
Honor Health Issues/Pain
Humility Helplessness
Insight Impatience
Inspiration Incompatibility
Integrity Jealousy
Intimacy Judgement
Intuition Limitation
Joy Manipulation
Lightness Misery
Male/Female Balance Money
Manifesting Negativity
Nurturing Obedience
Peace Opinions
Permission Parents - Domination
Power Partner Relationships
Praise Past Life Traumas
Purpose Persecution
Realization Poverty
Respect Power/Abuse of Power
Responsibility Promises
Reward Reaction
Security Regret
Self Containment Rejection
Self Esteem Rescuing
Sharing Resistance
Simplicity Revenge
Sincerity Rigidity
Soul Self Denial
Spirit Separation
Strengths Sex
Success Shyness/Intimidation
Support Spiritual Search
Talents and Abilities Temptation
Trust Tension
Truth Unsolved Mysteries
Understanding Victim/Victimizer
Vision Vulnerability
Wealth Weaknesses
Wisdom Weapons
Will Worry

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