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2009   Dec  
Portal Dates to Watch - Dec Update Flint Flintoft - Lyceum Dec-2009747
A Solstice Message from Archangel Metatron AA Metatron - James Tyberonn Dec-21-2009787
Winter Solstice 2009 Carol Ann Ciocco Dec-20-2009 
The Great Scientific Bias Kryon Dec-2009 
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Dec-17-2009 
12:21 - Out With the Old, In With the New Lauren Gorgo Dec-17-2009786
Time of Radical Shift -
A Look into the Coming Cycle
Maurice Fernandez Dec-2009 
Quantum Awakening Newsletter Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Dec-2009 
Final Approach to 2012 The Group via Steve Rother Dec-2009 
Choices During Humanity's 11th Hour Council of 12 through Selacia Dec-2009785
12:12 and The Return to Love - Arcturus Lauren Gorgo Dec-9-2009784
Setting the Stage Lisa Renee Dec-2009 
December Energies And Their Impulses World Puja Network Dec-2009 
Akashic Transformations Monthly Message Dec-2009 
The Energies for December 2009 AA Michael through Celia Fenn Dec-2009 
Earth Log Celia Fenn Dec-2009 
2009   Nov  
Messages From the Masters Dr. Meg Nov-28-2009783
The Cosmic Trigger - Phase ll -
The Crystalline Awakening
AA Metatron - James Tyberonn Nov-27-2009 
12:12 The Parting of Worlds Lauren Gorgo Nov-24-2009782
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Nov-19-2009 
Potentials for 2009 - Excerpt Kryon - Lee Carroll Nov-2009781
A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension David Wilcock Nov-2009 
The Little Gods - The Eleven Sided Coin The Group via Steve Rother Nov-2009 
The 6th Night and The New Cycle of Time Lauren Gorgo Nov-10-2009780
The Triad Portals: 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21 -
Triad Star-Gates of Love
AA Metatron - James Tyberonn Nov-8-2009779
11:11 "The Four Pillars" A Message from the Masters Nov-5-2009 
Post 11:11:11 - The New Earth Movement Lauren Gorgo Nov-5-2009778
Stepping into the Unknown Lisa Renee Nov-5-2009 
Universal Beginnings and
The Crysto-Electric Cosmos
AA Metatron - James Tyberonn Nov-2009 
SaLuSa Mike Quinsey Nov-2-2009 
The Opening of the Rose Stargate - 11:11:11 AA Michael through Celia Fenn Nov-2009 
5 Steps To Switching Consciousness World Puja Network Nov-2009 
2009   Oct  
The Final Mayan Calendar Steps to 2012:
The Beginning of the Sixth Night
Carl Johan Calleman Oct-31-2009 
11:11, Merlin, Pleiadians Speak Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Oct-2009 
Merging Into Completeness - Metatron Lauren Gorgo Oct-22-2009774
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Oct-19-2009 
Vibrational Upgrades and New Beginnings: 1010, 1111, 1212 Lauren Gorgo Oct-9-2009775
Messages From the Masters Dr. Meg Oct-8-2009776
2009   Sept  
Integrating 999, Preparing for the 6th Night Lauren Gorgo Sept-16-2009773
9-9-9 Urgent Call to the Tribe of Gaia Solara 9-9-9 
9-9-9 and The New Crystalline Age AA Metatron - James Tyberonn (July-11) 2009 
9-9-9 and the Mayan Calendar Carl Johan Calleman Sept-6-2009 
Dreamers Awaken Anica's Notebook Sept-7-2009 
Attunement to Alignment Lisa Renee Sept-2009 
What To Do When Dawdling in Downtime? Lauren Gorgo Sept-4-2009771
The Energies For September 2009 AA Michael through Celia Fenn Sept-2009 
Akashic Transformations Akashic Sept-2009 
2009   Aug  
Betting On An Invisible Future Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Aug-2009772
From Heart to Belly -
Completing the Journey of the Soul
Pamela Kribbe Aug-2009 
Earth-Keeper Chronicles #35 -Tahoe Info AA Metatron - James Tyberonn Aug-2009769
Wake Up Call - Hatonn + St. Germain Nancy Tate Aug-25-2009 
Lessons in Seeing Pleiadian Renegades Aug-24-2009 
999-Completion of Biological Restructuring Lauren Gorgo Aug-24-2009770
Hi - The Pleiadian Renegades Pleiadian Renegades Aug-14-2009 
Shine Your Light - Candle from the Fire of God The Group via Steve Rother Aug-2009 
Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love Metatron via Lauren Gorgo Aug-14-2009766
Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations Hathors via Tom Kenyon Aug-2009 
Stabilizing in the New Timeline Lauren Gorgo Aug-12-2009765
Bringing Forth The Star Child AA Michael through Celia Fenn Aug-2009 
Our Spiraling Universe Lisa Renee Aug-2009 
The Spirit of Ma'at Spirit of Ma'at Aug-2009 
A Spiritual Pandemic Star Elders - Aluna Joy Aug-2009 
Akashic Transformations Akashic Aug-2009 
Newsletter #83 - Masters Of Light Ruth Ryden Aug-2009 
2009   July  
Post Eclipse Survival Lauren Gorgo Jul-29-2009764
Into the Light of a New Day Star Elders - Aluna Joy Jul-21-2009763
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Jul-18-2009 
Crimson Circle - 2009 Midsummer Conference Adamus Saint Germain Jul-17-2009 
Crimson Circle - 2009 Midsummer Conference Tobias Opening Channel Jul-17-2009 
Welcome Home! - Metatron Lauren Gorgo Jul-13-2009761
Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing AA Metatron - James Tyberonn Jul-11-2009 
Changing The Future Tom Moore Jul-2009 
Pineal Crystals The Group via Steve Rother Jul-2009 
The Divine Plan Is Unfolding Step By Step Patricia Diane Cota-Robles Jul-2009 762
Surpassing the Glass Ceiling Lisa Renee Jul-2009 760
Rebirthing Into The Diamond Light AA Michael through Celia Fenn Jul-2009 
2009   June  
We Have/Have We... Arrived? Lauren Gorgo Jun-26-2009 
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Jun-24-2009 
Rite of Passage - The Solstice of June 2009 Kate Spreckley Jun-17-2009 
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyJun-17-2009 
Leadership - Marks Corner Mark Kimmel Jun-16-2009 
Invitation to Galactic Celebration! Lauren GorgoJun-16-2009757
Messages From the Masters Dr. Meg Jun-15-2009  
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyJun-15-2009 
Becoming Quantum Kryon - Lee Carroll June 13, 2009 
The Diamond Prism AA Michael - Celia FennJun 2009 
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyJun-10-2009 
Earth-Keeper Chronicles AA Metatron - James TyberonnJun-03-2009  
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyJun-08-2009 
Energy Impacts - Marks Corner Mark KimmelJun-02-2009 
Newsletter #81 - Masters Of Light Ruth Ryden Jun-02-2009756
Teetering on the Dimensional Divide PHC - Lauren Gorgo Jun-02-2009 
Get Ready for First Contact Osiris - Sarah Biermann Jun 2009 
2009   May  
Breaking the Bonds of Time Nine - Anica May-29-2009 
Diane Mike QuinseyMay-29-2009 
Prepare for Landing Lauren Gorgo May-26-2009754
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward May-26-2009 
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyMay-25-2009 
Pretending to be Human -
The Ice Cream Channel
Steve RotherMay-15-2009 
The Merging of Soul Partnerships SHC - Lauren Gorgo May-12-2009753
Stepping Fully Into Yourself Lauren Gorgo May-07-2009752
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyMay-06-2009 
User Accepts Full Responsibility Tobias - Geoffrey HoppeMay-02-2009 
Managing the Transition Energies Sarah BiermannMay 2009 
Flowing On The Diamond River Of Light
AA Michael - Celia Fenn May 2009 
The Rebirth Celebration - May 9 to11, 2009
Midpoint of the Mayan Calendar 6th Day
Calleman - Giove - PDF May 2009 
2009   Apr  
Message from Matthew on Swine Flu Suzanne WardApr-28-2009 
Gabriel's Overview of 2009 Children of Light Apr 2009 
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyApr-20-2009751
The Countdown Begins Lauren GorgoApr-19-2009750
Plane-to-Plane Memorandum Master Djwal KhulApr 2009 
SaLuSa Mike QuinseyApr-17-2009749
Conscious Corporations Steve Rother Apr 2009  
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Apr-09-2009  
Messages From the Masters Dr. Meg Apr-06-2009 748
2009   Mar  
The Timing of the Great Shift Kryon - Lee Carroll Mar-21-2009  
Technology Download - A Cosmic Event Steve Rother Mar-2009  
Aligning With The Cosmic Sacred Heart AA Michael - Celia Fenn Mar-2009  
2009   Feb  
The End of Separation Steve Rother Feb-2009746
Message From Matthew Suzanne Ward Feb-07-2009  
Something Beautiful is Going to Happen Drunvalo Melchizadek 34 min. Video  
Multiple Expressions of Light AA Michael - Celia Fenn Feb-2009 
Messages From the Masters - Triangulation Dr. Meg Summary 2009745
The Cosmic Trigger of March 2009 Metatron - James Tyberonn Feb-06-2009743
2009   Jan  
The Holon of Ascension Hathors - Tom Kenyon Jan-28-2009 
Beyond the Veils: Endings and Beginnings Pepper Lewis Jan-23-2009744
Message From Matthew Suzanne Ward Jan-20-2009 
The Metatronic Keys of 2009 Metatron - James Tyberonn Jan-05-2009742
Message From Matthew Suzanne Ward Dec-21-2008 
2009 Predictions AA Uriel - Jennifer Hoffman Dec-2008741
Earthlog December 2008 Celia Fenn Dec-2008 
The Energies for December 2008 AA Michael - Celia Fenn Dec-2008 
Moving from 3D to 5D Business Carolyn Thompson Dec-11-2008740
Dear Tobias, What's Going On? Crimson Circle Dec-06-2008 
A New Earth - Webcast Classes Oprah and Eckhart Tolle 2008 
Newsletter #75 Ruth and The Masters Dec-2008739
Akashic Transformations Jen Eramith Dec-2008 
Is Ascension Really Happening? Nov-24-2008738
Pleiadian Message for November James Gilliland Nov-18-2008736
THE MAYAN SIXTH DAY Begins MayanMajix Nov-13-2008 
The Energies for November 2008 AA Michael - Celia Fenn Nov-2008 
The Incredible Human Kryon - Lee Carroll Nov-02-2008 
Timely Tips - Tobias Crimson Circle Nov-01-2008 
The Akashic Records of November 2008 Jen Eramith Nov-2008 
Jophiel Message Oct-21-2008737
The New Earth Pamela KribbeOct-2008 
Operation Terra Commentary Operation TerraOct-26-2008735
Farewell to Power - St. Germain Crimson CircleOct-04-2008 
St. Germain Mike QuinseySep-26-2008734
The Dissolution of the Old World Hathors - Tom KenyonSep-22-2008 
A Galactic Tale Michael Lightweaver  
Earth: The Volunteer Planet Pleiadians - Gillian MacBethAug-2008733
A Time To Inspire - Tobias Crimson Circle Video 2008  
A Letter To Awakening Humans Pt1 - Tobias Crimson Circle Video 2008  
Crimson Circle - Pt2 - Tobias Crimson Circle Video 2008  
Crimson Circle - Pt3 - Tobias Crimson Circle Video 2008  
8-8-8 Blast-off Joan Cerio Aug-22-2008  
St. Germain Mike Quinsey Aug-15-2008731
St. Germain Mike Quinsey Aug-01-2008730
The Fifth Dimensional New Earth
and Planetary Governance
AA Michael - Celia Fenn Aug-2008 
Riding Through the Winds of Change Hathors - Tom Kenyon Jul-20-2008 
The Energies of July and August of 2008 Metatron - Jul-06-2008732
Shaumbra Newsletter Crimson Circle Jul-2008 
Five-Way Channeling
Sedona Annual Kryon Summer Light Conference
Kryon - Lee CarrollJun-15-2008 
Arkansas : The Atlantean Crystal Grid
Activation -08-08-08
Metatron - James Tyberonn Apr-04-2008 
April Showers and Forgiveness Ruth Ryden Apr-2008728
Your Personal Wheel Of Creation Ronna Herman Mar-2008729
Activating The Sacred Grail Codes
Within The DNA
AA Michael - Celia Fenn Mar-2008 
Triumphant Discovery Tobias Jan-05-2008 
St. Germain Mike Quinsey Jan-04-2008726
Predictions 2008 Arcturians - David Miller  725
Holding The Balance And
Creating From The Heart
AA Michael - Celia Fenn Jan-2008  
The Domino Affect Aluna Joy Yaxkin Dec-2007727
Ag-agria Mike Quinsey Dec-24-2007724
Message from Matthew Suzanne Ward Dec-23-2007 
Message from Matthew - On 2012 Suzanne Ward   
Wake up Call: St. Germain Nancy Tate Dec-23-2007 722
St.Germain Mike Quinsey Dec-19-2007723
2008: The Year of Hope Sarrinn - Daniele DeVoeDec-2007721
Important 2007-2008 Transition Kryon - Lee Carroll Dec-09-2007 
The Human Condition - This is Not a Drill Steve Rother Dec-2007 
December Planet Waves Horoscope Planet Waves Dec-2007 
St.Germain Mike Quinsey Dec-01-2007719
Living Your Own Unique And Authentic Life AA Michael - Celia Fenn Dec-2007 
Messages From the Masters Dr. Meg Nov-27-2007720
The Color of Love
- Why is the Light Different in Paris?
Steve Rother Nov-2007 
Dreaming As One
A Message From The Whale Consciousness
Celia Fenn Dec-2007 
Awakening Human Angels to the Light
and Joy of the Creative Process
AA Michael - Celia Fenn Nov-2007 
St.Germain Mike Quinsey Oct-08-2007718
Age of You Laura Oct-04-2007717
St.Germain Mike Quinsey Oct-03-2007716
The Burning Within
RaNelle Wallace's Near-Death Experience
The Tobias Materials
Quantum Leap Celebration
Adamus Saint-Germain Sep-19-2007 
The Tobias Materials
Quantum Leap Celebration
Kuthumi Sep-18-2007 
History of Humanity Kryon - Lee Caroll Sep-2007 
Endings and Beginnings and
Your Responsibilities in the New Energy
AA Michael - Celia Fenn Aug-2007 
St.Germain Mike Quinsey Aug-31-2007714
Wake Up Call - Kryon-Hatonn Nancy Tate Aug-27-2007715
The System Part Two -
Understanding Who You Are
Kryon - Lee CarrollAug-19-2007  
Messages From the Masters Dr. Meg Jun-Jul-Aug-2007713
The Quantum Awakening Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Aug-2007 
Changes of Dimensional Awareness The Lightspeakers Jul-2007712
Diane Mike Quinsey Jul-09-2007711
Discovering Your Spirituality
The Lightworker's Handbook
Kryon - Lee CarrollJul-07-2007 
New Earth Rising :
Cosmogenesis and the Lion's Gate of 2007
AA Michael - Celia Fenn Jul-03-2007 
Message from the Masters Dr. Meg Jul-03-2007710
St.Germain Mike QuinseyJun-27-2007709
Interdimensional New Physics and Science Kryon - Lee Carroll Jun-17-2007 
Diane Mike QuinseyMay-16-2007708
The Infinity Codes of 2007 AA Michael - Celia Fenn2007707
Sexual Energy Infusion Increasing Life Force Steve Rother May-2007 
Message From The Bees Eileen Adair Apr-2007705
The Planetary Creatrix Hathors - Tom Kenyon Apr-15-2007704
The Falling Apart World Daniel Jacob Apr-2007703
Human Will and Truth Lauren Apr-01-2007702
Choose - Create - Live Michele Mayama Mar-2007701
Managing Subtle Energy During Earth Changes Hathors - Tom Kenyon Feb-2007 
The Integration of Starseeds Arcturians - Lauren Feb-2007700
Nibiruan Ascension Update Jelaila StarrJan-2007  
Kryon's Seven Cosmic Laws Kryon - Lee Carroll Nov-2006  
AA Raphael's Overview on Ascension     
Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening     
Message from Thomas A Gift From The Children    
The Old Man and His Dog      
A Butterfly      
Country Dream      
What Happens When We Die?